Seeking feedback/IDK ANY HELP on my next story "Life's A Witch" 🌙

Hi everyone!

Sooooo, I already made a trailer for this story (even tho I’m not even doing writing it heheh woops)
LOL anyway I roughly wrote chapters 1 & 2 already!
This story is completeeeeely different from my first story I’ve written called “Matched” (which is more Romantic Comedy.)

My new story, “Life’s A Witch” is more fantasy/comedy?
I’m trying to give it like Sabrina the Teenage Witch Vibes x Charmed x Deadly Class (minus the hardcore violence LOL) type of vibes!

It’s basically about these supernatural beings that all attend “The Academy.”
They take classes, like a normal high school lolz but it’s geared towards helping their ~supernatural abilities~.
Basically, at some point the MC (Stella) is going to be sent into MORTAL high school and she’s going to have to adapt to being there and hopefully you can see where there is going LOL

Anyhoooo, since this story is kind of more ~serious~ than what I’m used to writing, I feel like what I currently have is just boring LOL

So, if you’re interested in reading what I have and giving feedback - I’d hiiiiighly appreciate it.
Tbh, I’m more likely to respond on my instagram @episode_ariel than on here…
But, regardless if you’re interested in seeing what I have so far (or want more details about it lol) feel free to hmu on insta or on here! :slight_smile:

Here’s my cover YO


Hey, your story looks interesting :smiley_cat:and i would love to give a Feedback at your Story :hugs::hibiscus: could you give me the Link of the Story please? :blush::heartbeat:

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i’ll pm you right now :heart:

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