Seeking new art groups



I would love to join an art group. Please suggest art groups that would be interested in hiring me!

Moony xx


Episode Bliss is a trusty art grou that focuses on teaching new skills to the members, and helping the community with their requests in the process! Please join! I’ll send the link through here if you are interested. (Its very new and drama free as of now and forever…)


That sounds great! :+1: I’d love to join!

Thank you!


I am the president, by the way. Its my first art group, and I’ve taken professional leadership and management classes for it. (I take this a bit too seriously)


It’s okay! Sounds great for me :laughing:!


Hey, Claire!!! You can join episode dreams as well.


Lol Episode Dreams isnt falling apart anymore?? If so then maybe I’d chat there more…


I heard about your regen to the group but i never knew they were accepting new members! Good for you!


Nope we are trying to revamp


good for y’all


Yep you should come back and look we got requests new members chat more!


If you still want to be in an art group, Episode Chefs might be able to take you in!
Heres the link to the thread:

I only need 14 more people tho!