Seeking : Some Editors

I currently have one Editor, but at the pace I am typing, he won’t be able to keep up. (In about 2 months, I will be at a point where I am publishing three episodes a week.)

Ideally, I would be looking for someone who can read / edit ~55* pages of code in about two weeks. This will be done through google docs.

---- *my average seems to be this

I do want to make one thing clear though, I am not looking for a partner. In exchange I can help code SOME scenes of your story. ((On a scale from newbie (1) to Dara (10), I’m like a 8.2.))

Also, I do have a ‘journalism’ language. Which means, I write things out in a certain way to keep things constant throughout all my stories, which most authors do not. I will go over this if and when I accept you as an Editor.


Edit : I’d like to add, comment if interested & I shall PM



I’d love to help!

bump ~

I’d love to help

Editors as in Grammer not drawings. Thank you, nevertheless

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I can help


How would you rate your Grammer skills?


i would love to help

If it’s still needed, I am available to help with the editing.

Always open ^-^