Seeking someone to help with a cover art for my new story

Hello. I am looking for help getting cover art created for my story. The story is titled “Choices: Jasmine’s Story”. The story is about how a mistake changes her whole life, and hurts those who are close to her. I would enjoy it with a theme of (lonely, sad, etc.) Please help me, thank you!

I can

Send the details please

I can also do it.

If you want me to do it, there are examples & you can request here:

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I could if u would like

Thank you! Please create the story art and post :slight_smile:

I need only a simple story art, thank you.

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Need examples

I can also do simple, not many people ask for simple, so I didn’t have any examples.


This is the first time asking for help, I did not want to ask for too much. Please do your best job and let me see :slight_smile: Thank you!

Ok, but I need some details first, though. Either PM me of post them on here.

Do you need my examples

I would love to help, but looks like you have your people already! :blush:

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I want the story art to represent the point of the story, which is how a bad choice can leave you alone and hurt others as well as yourself.I would like a girl to be in it, maybe in a forest at night, where the background is dark with trees or something along those lines. The title is: 'Choices: Jasmine’s Story. I want the girl to be alone, to represent how the MC choice left her hurt and alone, and the darkness around her is to represent her sadness.

Here it is anyway

Does what the girl look like matter?

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No, just try to make her be in the dark and appear sad and alone. And if you don’t mind include my name under the title for the story, “By: Jacquline R”. :slight_smile:


Ok sure! I will try to make it soon. LL or ink?

Hmm, do you mind showing me one example of each? Then I will decide, :slight_smile: