Seems like team is testing something out!

I just saw something I hadn’t seen before:

And honestly: Me likey!!!
There are like a 5 gem choices each 29 gems. NOW you can buy the WHOLE episode’s gem choices for the price of 2 (29+29 ~ 50)

I’m hoping to see more of this!

What are your thoughts?


This is an interesting idea for sure, I’m not opposed to it at all. I would only be able to afford like 3 episodes but hey better than nothing

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For start, I thought it meant for the whole story all episodes, but that would be too good to be true :rofl::rofl:

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Seems like Episode is finally acknowledging that their gem prices are too damn high. :rofl: But, at the same time, not really fixing that problem. I’ve never seen any chapter where I wanted all the gem choice options. So this seems like it may be great for those who do, but I’m not sure how many that is as a percentage of the general population. And since there’s no easy way to replay a chapter, like on some other platforms, you’re basically having to guess/bet that the upcoming choices are ones you would want in the first place.

Episode should be careful, because this could easily blow up in their face. If people pay the 50 gems then get choices that they wouldn’t have made anyways, or feel like even at a 50 gem price point it wasn’t worth the cost, they may end up being more angry and disillusioned with Episode Originals than they already are.


Oh yes! I can guarantee it will happen! That’s probably why they don’t put this in epi 1, cause the whole room choosing and wardrobe option is in epi 1.

Only if you read the story twice to like check if it is or isn’t worth it :joy:

And this is why I love test stories😍 Send as much as you want and get everything back!


I also noticed this, idk what it means though :thinking:

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It is from the same story!

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I’ve seen it before, but I’ve never tried it, partially because I try to hoard my gems as much as possible- and sometimes the choices don’t really seem worth it.

If it were available for a story where I have a better understanding of whether or not they were worth it or not, then I might have tried it out.

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I would immediately try it if it was for like alusza’s official story :sweat_smile: