Self-Contained/Procedural Series?

Hi Episode Community,

I may not have a lot of script writing or coding experience, but I have a ton of creative ideas.

One of my ideas is to create a script for a self-contained/procedural drama series. Basically, its the idea of how certain TV shows have episodes that stand-alone from one to the next without the audience to have seen the episode before. I’m getting way ahead of myself when I add: maybe if people who read self-contained/procedural series can send in suggestions because if each episode stands alone, the series only ends when the writer(s) run out of ideas, readers stop sending suggestions or lack of reader engagement.

So… Just out of curiosity, please share your feedback if a self-contained/procedural series is worthwhile or is ending each episode on a cliffhanger a better approach?


P.S. I might be open to working with a partner who has a lot of experience with coding in the future, but I’m not ready to take that leap yet.


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Thanks @Sydney_H!

1 Like I’m not an expert but I think it depends: TV shows like “C.S.I.” generally have different plots per episode but maintain the same main characters. TV shows light Twilight Zone is new plot and characters per episode.

If I want to follow through on this idea, personally it might be better to stick to the same main characters who encounter different plots or thematic with new secondary characters.

Hopefully I answered your question…