Self Esteem tips?

So I know I’m not the only one but while I’m writing my first story I can’t help but think it won’t be good enough. That people will judge my writing or it won’t meet up to my expectations. I think it’s normal to be hard on yourself with these things, I know I always am. I was wondering if anyone had any self esteem tips? I love the forums bc everyone is so supportive. Def comment how you put yourself in a better mindset while writing?:black_heart::dizzy:


This probably won’t help,but what I do…I just say “so what if some people don’t like it,I had fun writing it,and I know there will be people out there that loves my story”
If you enjoy writing, keep on doing it…

P.S some people caaaan be real a-holes

You could also ask people to review it to make sure that there’s no spelling or grammar errors and whatnot :heart:
Sorry I ain’t good with words,But I tried :grin:


Thank you so much🖤 def agree about some people😳


My main piece of advice is to write a story that you enjoy writing, that makes you happy and that you’ll be proud of. Even if no one reads it, you’ll know what you put your heart and soul into it. If you look at your script and can say without a doubt that it’s something you would enjoy reading I think you should be fine

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There is always going to be someone who will tell you that you can’t do it, that you’re not worthy, and if you give your ear to them, you’ll start to believe it too.

My advice is: screw everyone else and what they think or say. Write for yourself, and no one else, and if people don’t like it, screw them. You don’t owe anyone anything. And when you look back at your finished work, you’ll be able to smile, knowing you did something, you wrote something beautiful and perfect and all for you.

I hope this helps. <3

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What you are describing is fear. If you let your fears get the best of you, it will prevent you from doing what you love. Trust me, I have been in the same shoes. I have been writing stories here on episode for almost 4 years now and it was not until now I finally got the courage to publish my story on the platform. I was afraid of what the readers would think about it, afraid of getting hate and afraid that my story wouldn’t be good enough. But then I came to learn something…

I am not going to lie to you. Your story will get judged and so will mine. That’s the thing: there will ALWAYS be people out there to judge and we will just have to accept that we can’t do anything about that. But what you can do is either to choose to do something you hate while being judged or to do something you love while being judged. The choice is up to you and only you. So, please, don’t let your fears get the best of you, don’t let it stop you from being you or from doing what you love!

I hope you find this somewhat helping! I am not really good with words since english is not my first language. But I wish you all luck with your story. Never give up and please, have faith in yourself! What you are doing is good!


I don’t. I am just feeling insecure 24/7

There will always be hate no matter how good you are, which is the truth in life unfortunately. It’s your choice how you react to the hate, you can ignore it, use it as motivation or quit ( I highly recommend the first two, dont quit because some person told you to). Do what you want and what makes you happy, it’s your life after all.
If they really wanted you to get better, they would’ve sent you constructive criticism because they know you can get better with feedback (always keep an open mind for feedback!) If they send just hate, their opinion isn’t relevant.


I think that if you have an idea that you feel that it won’t be likable, or you constantly feel doubtful or negative and if you can not feel connected with the story then give it up. Write a story that you are confident with, very proud of and not embarrassed to show regardless of the reads that you will get.

Think about this: (let’s suppose that you have only 50 reads) would you continue writing a story that you were negative from the start or a story that you still feel like it worths it and you love the plot?

I had my first story written some years ago (I wrote it in classic) and I was very positive that I would get famous. Reality hit me hard and in 2 months I’ve gotten 50 reads :expressionless: But I loved the plot and I had to go through my story many times but in the end I completed it even if it had a low number of reads! But bc I still love it (the idea, not the story bc it’s very old) I decided to make a similar plot in limelight version. I wouldn’t go through all of that (writing the same story twice) if I didn’t feel the plot.
I have and a 3d story (that I wrote for a contest) that at the start I wasn’t positive with the plot and I felt doubtful. I gave up on it as soon as the contest was over.

So my advice is 1)write a story that makes you feel good and very, very proud
2) Do not be afraid to take reviews and critique, that will help you grow as a writer!

If what I said didn’t make sense (bc English is not my first language) you can ask me.

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Thank you guys so much :black_heart: I think I’m self sabotaging and you guys really helped me. I love what I’m writing and I’m so excited to share it. Thank you guys so so much :star: :black_heart:


Feel free to DM me if you ever need any encouragement, or grammar checks (I’m good at grammar and I love to help), or anything. Us writers need to stick together!


100% agree! Thank you so much for being do supportive and helpful :sob: :black_heart: :star:

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