Self love tips and advice! 💛

self love. it’s a very hard thing to succeed at. i can admit, i struggle with it. i don’t really care about my well - being tbh. but that does not mean it should be impossible to have for anyone. i understand, sometimes we think horrible things about ourselves, about our appearances, personalities, hobbies, or certain likes and dislikes. when you are really trying to increase your love and care for yourself, you tend to be extra critical about your actions, which i understand. but the best thing is just to be yourself. holding oneself back will just keep your feelings and thoughts all bottled up. obviously you shouldn’t call rude people bitches or assholes and just go 100% no filter, but try to make others realize how their actions impact your brain. make sure you respect yourself. please. this is very, very, very hard for a lot of people, including myself, but in order to love yourself, you must respect yourself. you are worth everything, (unless you abuse anyone in any way lmao). i realize that being around people who love themselves, make me want to love myself. another tip to increase your self love is to stop being so critical on everything you do. honestly. everyone makes mistakes. even your idol. but you need to learn from them, and not constantly thinking about it. (lmao i deadass do that alllll the time). my third tip is to start giving compliments to yourself at least once or twice a day. maybe even more! look in that mirror sis and raise that confidence. it can be about anything! just make yourself happy! realize that you deserve that. please. i’ll try to add some new self love quotes at least once a day and hopefully it’ll make you want to be better at that. don’t compare yourself. like i said earlier, we all make mistakes. you aren’t the only one who struggles at something, okay? : ) i love you :yellow_heart:
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quotes: “comparison is an act of violence against the self.” “be yourself. an original is so much better than a copy.” you can’t pour from an empty cup. take care of yourself first."

my personal favorite one: “you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


i am in no way saying i’m a therapist or whatever btw


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Well a lot of people who feel bad about themselves are constantly working for other people but I’m not… I’m just eating the food and wearing the clothes my parents use hard work to get and giving nothing in return but nonsensical rambles and annoying noises, and other misbehavior. It makes it even harder to love myself.


@lvqbrl Those are some nice tips! Self love is really important. Not only for those who think they need it, but for everyone. You can’t actually love anything or anyone until you love yourself first!

I’ll drop some tips too that worked for me.

  1. Never compare yourself to others. They are a lot different from you. They have their own strengths and you have yours. The moment you start comparing yourself with others is the moment you start becoming insecure.

  2. It isn’t something that comes overnight. You gradually start appreciating yourself. Set small goals and complete them, then appreciate yourself for them. I suggest making a notebook and writing what good things you did that day in it that you are happy about.

  3. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Daily. Even if you don’t feel like it, just keep saying you are awesome until you’ll start believing that you actually are.

  4. Find out what you love doing and what things you do best. Be confident in yourself. No one and I mean, no one has the right to tell you that you need to change.


you’re so right! i completely forgot to add those! thank you :yellow_heart:

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No problem. :smile: These are only the tips that worked for me, I guess.

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