Self promo - new spy story out now

Are you looking for a new story to read with comedy, romance and drama? :eyes:

Well, you’ve come to the right place! :sparkles:

I’ve just published my new story called Chess Master, there’s drama, romance, comedy and mystery all in one. There’s some fun mini games and lots of advanced directing too!

More info here⭣⭣⭣

Title: Chess master

Genre: Drama

Description: Silent Viper goes undercover as a rebellious rich kid. Her mission? Shut down Sycamore Chess Academy, get close to the leader’s son and beat him at his own game. Sounds easy right?

Relationship Dynamic - Rebel x Authority

Extra: Mini Games // Semi-Limited CC // Advanced Directing

For sneak peeks and updates for my ig: @/niawrites_


Maybe you’ll be interested in checking out my story as well!

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I’m a chess player & enthusiast and I love spy stories so I’m definitely putting this on my reading list :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
Congratulations on publishing @Aliz-e

Here’s my story in case anyone is interested.
:fire:Genre: Drama
:fire:Sub-genres: Mystery,Crime,Romance
:fire:Description: 5 years after your brother’s death, you join the EBI Academy to find out what really happened to him.Will you find the person responsible or end up in some more trouble?

:sparkles:Full MC & LI customization
:sparkles:One Love Interest
:sparkles:Bonus Scenes
:sparkles:Diverse Characters
:sparkles:Uses Sounds & Music
:sparkles:Advanced Directing

Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
LINK : Episode Writer Portal

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Thank you! 🫶🏽🫶🏽

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