Selfie Choice 🤳🏾


I have a huge question. How do you take a picture in your story and have the picture pop up on your phone? Is it a certain script template you have to put in order to make the reader see it? Or do you have to create the background, like in the Episode Community stories such as Demi Lovato and etc.


Um… screenshot it, if you have to, crop the photo a little bit, then resize it, then upload it to the background thing.



Um…explain…(You’re going to need to have a predesignated point in your story like:|)

Ooo! These rocks are so pretty! I just HAVE to take a picture of them!!!

choice “Take photo” {
gain took_a_photo_of_rocks

@transition fade out white in 0.500
@transition fade in white in 0.500

} “Don’t take a picture” {

gain didnt_take_pic


if (took_a_photo_of_rocks) {
You can’t wait to look at your photo!!!

choice “look at photo” {
#Background goes here
} “pass for now…”
}} else {


Thanks so much!