Selfie Hand overlay Glitch

I have never had a problem using overlays until now.
I try to do:
And for some reason the overlay doesn’t show up! The screen stays black.
Can anyone help with this?

Overlays don’t show on INT. BLACK - NIGHT/DAY, you have to upload your own black background

But I tried with a different background and it didn’t work either

Did you specify everything? Shifts, zones + opacity?

No, I don’t normally do that unless I want the overlay in a specific zone.
What is shift and opacity?
Do i need to increase the opacity for it to show up

The shift is the placement of the overlay, and you only need opacity if you’re using the @overlay OVERLAY create command

You don’t need to specify opacity if it’s --> INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY

Yeah i figured, since i’ve never had to do that before. i just dont understand why the overlay isn’t showing up.

Do you have a picture of your script?


That’s pretty strange, are you zoomed in by any chance?

Omg, i was writing a scene where it was zoomed in and forgot to reset it. It’s working now, thanks for the help! lol

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Oh aha, no problem! (:

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