Selfie Overlay Error

Hey! So in my story, this "fan"wants to take picture with the celebrity. I tried adding the overlay, in the same background, just using the whole overlay create thing, and for some reason the overlay is like squished and I can’t like stretch it back out to normal size. What do I do??

If you go to the creator on the app, you can go to the “DIrecting Helper” button, then click the “Overlay Helper”-- there will be tools in there to help you scale and move your overlay to the correct position

Copy the shift and scale numbers into your script in the same place you create the overlay. I suggest using the & command, and also adding “in 0” to the end of the shift command line, for a transition that is as smooth as possible! Otherwise, the overlay may appear to jump into place.

Let me know if you need any further assistance!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much but unfortunately I tried that before writing that, and it isn’t working

Feel free to message me your script or post it here if you’d like me to take a look! I’d be happy to try and help more :slight_smile:
Oh, one last thing you could try-- make sure you reset your zoom for the scene? That may help it, too

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Ok! Thanks, I’ll try that when I have to write again! Thank you so much!

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