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So I’m using the selfie overlay in my story, but with character customization. I already have the skin tones down, but there’s always like a blip before the overlay appears. I can’t do BACKGROUND with OVERLAY NAME because the overlay is a choice. So how can I add the overlay without a second interval?

you can write it next to the background just souo have to do it for each of the overlay:

if (light skin) {
#make selfie
goto end
elif (light tan) {
#make selfie
goto end

else {
label end

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Thank you! I’ll try it and see if it works.

It works but now I’m getting another problem. I used a tappable to remember the choice and now it only goes to one option.

Like the character is white, but it uses the dark selfie overlay instead.

Tappable itself is as far as I know not for remembering choices…
To make the choice be remembered you have to use gains or named choice or points inside the tappable choice.

But mabe we are not talking about the same thing… without seeing the script I am not sure how to help you.
Can you copy/paste here the tappable choice and the if/elif/else you did based on it?

Also note… If the remembering happens in another chapter preview is not remembering the choice you have to test it in the app or adjust the flags or points…

Ok this should work from what I see.

Do you have the tappable choice in the same chapter as the if/elif/else?

Why I ask… The preview doesnt remember choices from previeouse chapters (or if you refresh and start to preview under the choice) … Therefore it automaticly goes to the else choice.

But in app it works.

Its in the same chapter. But thank you for your help on my original question.

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