Selfie overlay+ the speed of the character+approved scence

So I wanna use the selfie overlay, but everytime I put a black background with this overlay over the top and I put the coordinates for this at the top with the background
and then below I put create overlay and shift to and scales to and opacity and all that, but the overlay doesn’t come up when I go to move this on the navigation thing to move it its squared around a black block and not the overlay?
am I Doing something wrong?
and also as well I have seen it a lot of stories the characters can walk really like really quick or really like slow is there a way to control this?
and also in my story it has scenes of sexual violence would this be ok|?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

If you are using the background INT. BLACK - NIGHT, your overlay will be extremely large. You’d have to zoom allllll the out just to find it and then scale it alllll the way down. But overlays don’t work very well with that background. They start glitching. It’s best to upload your own black background and add the overlay to that.

For walking fast or slow, you need to time your character when they walk in seconds. So if you want them to walk slow, make them walk in 2 or more seconds. Really fast is 1 second or anything less than 1 (like 0.3 or 0.8)
@CHARACTER walks to [spot] in [time]

You cannot show or go into explicit detail of the abuse. You have to be vague about it.

Hello, Thanks for your response,

Thanks for the tips, what do you mean about being vague? do you mean i cannot add it for people to see what is happening? or do you think if i give people the option to view the scene do you think then it will be ok then?
any help for this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You cannot show anything at all. It is against guidelines. The only thing you can do is basically say “they slept together”, “it was a passionate night for them” or something along the lines of that. You cannot go into explicit detail about what happened.