Semi realsitic free or cheap artist?

Hello I wanted to know if anyone knew any Semi realistic free artist or if they are commissioning with cheap prices?
Thank you for your help💜


Hey I can do it I offer cheap prices. Here is the price chart and a few examples

Hey I can. I am a commissioned artist at low prices :slight_smile:
My samples:

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Hello dear. I don’t know what you mean by cheap but my commission prices aren’t high at all considering the amount of work put in each artwork.
Feel free to check my Instagram for infos and prices.
Have a nice day :sparkles:

@KylieJay Does awesome Art!! And it’s worth the price!


Thank you for the tag @Devil_Herself ! :heartbeat:

Hi! My prices aren’t super cheap, but they’re low considering the amount of time and detail I spend on all of my work :sparkles:
Here’s my Commissions thread with more info. I also recommend checking out my Instagram to see my most recent artworks. :heartbeat:


Price Chart

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