Semi-Writer's Block (aka Advice Needed)

I have been writing online since 2016 and I started out with fanfiction. Both parts of that story blew up. I got thousands of reads and hundreds of readers. The best part was having tons of active readers because I loved talking about the plot and characters with them. Now, almost 3 years after I posted my first two big stories, I do not have the same energy?
I am working on “Heartbreak Avenue”, but the writing and coding have me stuck. I am not sure whether to format it like a regular story: no flashbacks, everything happens “in order” or do present day and flashbacks every other chapter (revealing motives, traits, etc.). Not only am I stuck with this, but with everything I’ve written. It has been over 6 months since I have written something decent, and it was a one-shot. Not even a full chapter or a full story. PLEASE SEND HELP! I know that I have been busy with school, but even when I am not stressed or busy, I cannot pull through to write anything. I delete literally all of my drafts because I cannot continue the plot or I get frustrated.

  • How should I format “Heartbreak Avenue” - follows the traditional plot or present day and flashback every other chapter?
  • How do you guys get over writer’s block? (I have listened to music and I have read other stories on Episode, Wattpad, etc. but I still can’t stay focused or not get frustrated)
  • How do you guys get through the writing process (especially with coding on Episode)?

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I’ll take all the help I can get tbh. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Follow your heart. But listen to your readers. I would recommend updating your story by saying at the end of the chapter you published. That you are taking a break. Don’t force yourself I learned that the hard way. And listen to your readers. By hearing their feedback. This helped me find myself.

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I have been thinking of trying scheduling for a while. Time management is a big weakness of mine, but I will at least try to work on it.

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I think I will be updating my readers that I am still alive first. I haven’t done anything since July (oops).

image The appropriate title for my comeback message.

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