Senbazuru 千羽鶴 LGBTQ+ themes!

Hi! My name is Hide. I just published my very first story today, called Senbazuru. Here is the summary!

“While trying to cope with her late father’s murder, Lucille’s best friend, Nora, invites her to a masquerade ball that changes her life- for better or for worse is to be determined.”

My story represents mental health, strong female leads, and LGBTQ+ themes and I am very proud to say this, as these themes mean a lot to me and have a very special place in my heart. Please give my story a read if this sounds interesting to you, and if you have any story similar I’d definitely be interested in a R4R <3

Thank you for reading!

Here’s the cover <3


send the link

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ahh sorry I forgot! I edited my post with the link too thanks for catching that :slight_smile:

Nice cover! Did you draw it yourself?

Luv the cover!

The cover is just amazing! Who drew/made it?