Send Help! - Story tab reloaded & lost my work!

I just worked for 2 hours adding animations in, then while I was looking at animation options in one tab, my story tab reloaded itself and I lost everything I had just done!!!

Now I need 1 of 2 things:


  1. A way to find all the work I just did, if that is possible
  2. Tell me this has happened to you before so I don’t feel so bad!!!

Send Help!

Did you save? If you saved, your work might be under Past Revisions.

if not, how can you write for two hours with out saving. I am like saving all the time. mostly because I need to see if the animation in context to the text

I thought I did save!! But it has gone right back to where I started two hours ago, so I must be the numpty who doesn’t save.

Past revisions is the same thing. Ughhhh what a waste of my time lol

You’ll have to do everything over again, but make sure you’re constantly saving throughout.

But I did save and preview loads of times! So I must have got something saved at least.

OMG will never stop pressing save now…ever!!

If you actually did save multiple times, then your things should be there. Try checking on the app to see if any of the stuff you did shows up.

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nothing gives anxiety like the save button,

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Will teach me to be so arrogant as to just do a sweep thru of animations without previewing them. I feel so foolish.

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