Send me ur character to draw

so im practicing art :pray:

please note this is not a cover requesting thread :pray: im not a professional in any way, this is simply for practice purposes, i dont have enough time + the pressure of making a perfectly full fletched art scene for someone makes me cripple lol


i’m not even kidding i did not use an episode character but the face still came out lookin like one :sob:


Hey I actually need an art. Ummm can you make me one???

Here’s my character deets


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Body: Male Generic Body (Rose 01)
Brows: Furrowed Straight S (Black Dark)
Hair: Shoulder Length Tousled (Black Silhouette)
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Brown Black)
Face: Chiseled Angular
Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Heart (Pink Peach LT Gloss)

Use the bottom left and bottom right outfits for reference please!

I’ll send you the neck tattoo in DMs since I don’t want it to be here in the comments <3

As for the pose, feel free to do something like this → either or is completely fine with me!


I really liked ur work, its beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_decoration:

I am in need of a cover… If u can try it :relaxed::gift_heart:



Pose- A red crescent moon on bg and the FL sitting on it like a queen while Ml standing beside her.

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Ur art is beautiful! :blob_hearts:
Here’s my character, do anything. :blush:

If u want a pose reference

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that looks amazing, would you be interested in an art trade, its when we do an art for each other?

example if you want to see my art

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Surprise me with any pose :grin:

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Wow! I don’t have a character to send the details of but your art is amazing.


Any outfit is fine!

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You can just my avatar (The girl)

Credits: @giulianna_creates on Instagram

Giulianna’s Traits: A bit bad around the edges, but will always have everyone’s back. Can be as sweet as candy, but if you make her mad in any way… WATCH OUT!

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Hii @sclera !! I would love for you to draw an author art scene to include at the end of each of my episodes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!!
Here is my character information:

And my reference pose (you can change it if it’s too difficult, I don’t mind) and outfit:

I would really appreciate if you drew a cover for me, but don’t worry if it takes too much time and effort (I know you will probably have a lot of entries), but please reply if you choose to draw my cover, so that I will know if you’re available :revolving_hearts:.
Good luck!!

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you can use my oc for your practice, your art looks really good btw :>

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you can draw mine

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ciara cherii char card

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You could use my character :blob_hearts: :blush:


The hair is straight medium btw <3
Reference Image
Screenshot 2021-10-28 6.52.34 PM
That’s all :blob_hearts: :blush:

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wow i really like your art! it’s beautiful :’) ill send you both my ink and LL deets, so you can pick what you want x

I love your art style !! <3

Good luck dear… It’s incredible! :bouquet: