Send me you Limelight Characters! ASAP

Okay so I just need some backup characters for my story, they are mostly just going to be fans but please add

If you want credit, please tell me what to credit you!

I’m looking for any characters and you can have their outfits and personalities if you want as well. Also not looking for just one race of characters I’d like some diversity.

I sound needy, sorry beggars can’t be choosers and I’m the beggar! :joy::grin::+1:

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Thank you!!

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Here you can have my boyfriend and I’s characters :heartpulse:
Name: Giulianna
Skintone: Copper 2
Body Type: Athletic
Brow: Arched Thin (Blackjet)
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout (Blonde Medium)
Eyes: Female Generic (Blue Deep)
Face shape: Diamond
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Mouth: Full Round Pouty (Fair Neutral Matte)

Outfit: Distressed Jean Jacket Open Denim Blue, Floral Tattoo Ink Multicolor, Eyebrow Piercing Horizontal Barbell Silver, Double Button Shorts Denim Blue Marine, Structure Bralette Top Denim Light White, Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather White

IG: @giulianna_creates

Traits: A bit bad around the edges, but will always have everyone’s back. Can be as sweet as candy, but if you make her mad in any way… WATCH OUT!
Name: Bryce
Skintone: Neutral 4 (Athletic Body)
Hair: Dreads Long Loose Bun (Brunette Brown)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded (Brown Black)
Eyebrows: Arched Medium (Chestnut Brown)
Face Shape: Triangle Chiseled Scruffy Beard
Nose: Straight Flat
Mouth: Full Heart Neutral (Beige Gold Matte)

Outfit: Ripped Knee Rocker Jeans Denim Grey Black, Long Chain Ring Necklace Metal Grey Black, Sailor Lined Pocket Shirt Cotton White Navy, Laceup Running Shoes Cotton Grey Black

Traits: Without a doubt a bad boy, but will always have his loved ones back, can be a bit annoying to his girlfriend (AKA ME) sometimes, and when he pushes her buttons… HE BETTER WATCH OUT

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Thank you!

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Thank you!!!

Here is me! :slight_smile:


Name: Ash
Body: Female Generic Body
Body Color: Rose 02

Eyebrows: Round Medium
Eyebrow Color: Light Brown

Hair Style: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Round Medium
Eye Color: Blue Aqua

Face Shape: Diamond

Nose: Round Button Upturned

Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lip Color: Pink Beige Gloss

Outfits & Details:
Freckles: Freckles Heavy (04-07)
Necklace: Locket Necklace Metal Gold
Shirt: Striped Shirt White Red Grey
Skirt: Waistband Cotton Grey Black
Shoes: Mid Heel Flats Leather Grey Black

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Do you need couples for your story?!

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Sure, anything would be fine!

Thank you

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here’s my character!! you can credit me by @bellz.epi


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You’re welcome, have fun on your story!

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Thank you!

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I’d love to be in your story <3

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Credit me by Ayu-chan

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Thank you both!!!

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Male character (Alec)
Character Body Type: Male Slim Body
Skin color: Rose 03
Brow shape & color: Straight Medium Scar, Black
Eye shape & color: Oval Wide, Grey Cool
Hair type & color: Medium Taper Wavy, Warm White
Lip shape & color: Small heart, Fair Neutral Matte
Nose shape: Straight Pointed
Face shape: Triangle chiseled
Any additional features (freckles, tattoos, etc. be specific!): Rectangular thin glasses, black
Outfit details (please include all clothes & any accessories / shoes if you would like them): Button Up Rolled Up Sleeves Tucked Cotton Red Plum Rose, Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black, Ankle Boots Lace Up Leather Blue Grey, mirror faced watch leather grey black, rectangular thin metal neutral black.

Female character (Roy)
Character Body Type : Female Athletic Body
Skin color : Gold_06
Brows : Arched Natural Scar (Black dark)
Eyes : Round Downturned Wide (Blue deep)
Nose : Round button
Lips : Small heart (Red deep matte)
Hair : Medium Shoulder Curly Bun Hair (Chestnut brown)
Face : Round soft
Any additional features (freckles, tattoos, etc. be specific!): Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid.
Outfit: Jeans Ripped Fish Net Denim Blue, Fishnet Bralette Thick Band Top Cotton Grey Black
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black, Strapped Accented Watch Face Metal Gold, Leaf Motif Double Hanging Earrings Metal Rose Gold

character card clothes thats her everyday and this is her formal (without the mask)

You may already have enough people but im half chinese and half filipino this is my character. ig @kxlsiiwrites
She is sarcastic witty and really nice but if you cross her good luck

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