Sensitivity read for story on young man in homophobic home situation

I’m writing about a character who recently came out, lives with his homophobic aunt and her family, and is on the verge of moving out. He invites his friend who has recently come back to town and lets him stay for the night. Everything is from the perspective of his friend, and while the plot doesn’t focus on the familial tension the entire story, it is an an important part of the first arc.

I wrote a couple of scenes worth of dialogue on his aunt making some homophobic comments and then this character and his friend having a discussion on his home life. I am a straight woman, so I want to make sure that what I write is not insensitive and completely other from what this experience would be like. I would really appreciate getting some eyes on this to help me out with that so I don’t portray anything disrespectfully!

I’m not sure if you can direct message anyone on the forums, so if anyone is interested, respond to the topic and then I’ll post the dialogue I’ve written on this thread. At the moment, it’s all handwritten, so I just want to know if anyone would actually help before typing it all up.


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