Senstive Topics in Stories?

I have an idea for a story, but it would touch heavily on very sensitive topics. This is the idea:

Lottie is 28 years old and on a night out with her friends when she runs into the man who years earlier broke her heart. She must then tell him that after he had left that she had a baby who died not long after birth due to a medical condition first noticed in pregnancy. And as she tells him about their baby they find themselves reconnecting and remembering what they once had.

There will be flashbacks to that time as well as very heavy conversation which might be triggering for some people. Do you think this is ok or would it be too upsetting? I just thought that it could be a good story, emotional obviously, but a story with themes of hope and love too. All opinions are welcome.


This is a very good topic, but as writers with little statistic information we never who our readers are. Please consider adding a trigger warning skip for flashbacks. This can definitely be a good piece, but since I’m assuming the story is slow have. You don’t want a reader having to skip five minutes of triggering content.

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agreed with this first reply! if you want to be extra safe, you can also add a choice for whether they’d want to skip the scene or not.


Thank you both, I will definitely have a think about how i can be a extra sensitive with this topic.


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