Separate Point Systems

I don’t know how to add points to a character separately for several different characters (Example: Character receives 2 relationship points for one person, same character loses 2 for another person). Would I have to make more characters, one for each person that the character talks to, and use them for the points instead? Thank you to those who answer :heart:

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I don’t think I quite understand… Do you mean like this?

@CHAR1 +2
@CHAR1 -1
@CHAR2 +1

Yes. I need separate point systems, because there are different characters I want them to correspond with. :slight_smile:

Maybe @Dara.Amarie can help?

Check out @Dara.Amarie’s thread

I got the answers I needed, @Jeremy can close this thread now :heart:

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No problem @Zenextria :v: