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List of episode stories that have like a sequel ? I’ve read I hate that I love you and I absolutely love how there is a part two on it does any writers do anything like that ?

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I know a few

Austentatious by E R Gurney has a sequel Austensibly and an AU story The Arrangement

Speak by J.Miley has a sequel Silence

Music From His Heart by Beeble Hope has a spin-off Dead Roses

The Game by Amber J has a prequel Scorned

Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz has a sequel The Story of Us and a spin-off Anyone But You
Also her story Wallflower has a prequel Sunflower

Racing Royal by Amanda Michele has a spin-off Under His Protection

Unvirtued by Metalicious has a spin-off Live Wire

Thin Blue Line by Eysneck has spin-offs Farenheit & Haunted Hayden


Thank you!

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