Serching for animations doesn't work

whenever I go to look at the animations and type something in, it does not search for them… no matter how long I wait. is anyone else having this issue?

if you are experiencing this, a temporary fix is to click on another tab/window (leaving this page open) and then click back into the this window. it click back on to the tab/windows with the animations.

What browser are you using? Sometimes things are slower depending on which one it is

I’ve tried edge and crome both seem to be the same

What animation in specific are you looking for? If I know it I may be able to give you the command, it may just be a bug in the portal

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It’s ok I was looking in general to see which animation would look best. It works if I click on another tab and click back in but if I decide to wait it takes forever and a day :joy:

Thank you xx

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It’s case sensitive so it only shows results in lowercase! If not that then, dunno :sweat_smile: :woman_shrugging:t2:
I guess you should submit a ticket.