Serenitys Covers,Splashes, Edits and more! (OPEN)


Do you need a cover for your story and your short on time to get it, or you just are excited to publish! Post your requests here. I am open 24/7 to doing any type of art work, and would be happy to do one for you!


Do you have examples? One of my friends might be interested.



yes of course




I have done alot more, the last ones are my oldest covers, the first are my most recent. I had taken a break from doing any sort of covers, and i was in a few episode groups for doing covers,edit, and splashes aswell. I haven’t made any splashes currently, but I can.


I can also do edited character covers, I have never done one but I have edited characters and put them on a background with a title.


These are amazing! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! How can I help you and your friend? Are you wanting a cover, or edit?


My friend’s a newbie, so she might ask you something in a couple of days. I might have to remind her, she’s very forgetful! :sweat_smile:


Wanna join episode helpers


Hi Lina,

May I ask what that is?


Hi Khadijah ,

Ok, I’ll be here waiting :blush:.


OMG These are so perfect and I love them! Will you accept my request for a cover of a girl with blond hair and a short pixie?


Of course! I need the title, author name, all of the character details, background you want, clothing, pose, drawn or regular, any quotes, any overlays, and anything else you want.


ok thanks this means a lot!!! Im so freaking excited right now I cant even!


Can you pm me the info I asked for?


I pm you about the group




Title: If our lips say goodbye
Author Name: Cayla_Chanel_Whitt

Character Descriptions:
GIRL: Light skin, messy pixie light blond hair, full round dark red lips, round classic blue eyes, and elven nose

BOY: Toffee skin, black short cropped hair, diamond face, round piercing brown eyes, uneven lips terricotta, button nose

Background: dark and gloomy back alley at night

GIRL: diamond earrings and any dark blue top with black pants
BOY: white tank top and black ripped jeans with sneakers and black leather jacket

Pose: boy is blush_shy and girl is flirt_coy
Style: Classic style, Ink, no edits,
Quote: Helpless love, strong passion.
Overylays: blue flower in girls hair

Notes: please make the text cursive and red. I would like the boy to be faded a little bit like he’s a ghost
I want the whole mood to make the reader kinda sad and gloomy


btw i dont want it to be drawn if thats okay


Of course! :two_hearts:


When do you think it will be complete? How should I credit you? Do you want credit?