Serenitys Covers,Splashes, Edits and more! (OPEN)

Do you need a cover for your story and your short on time to get it, or you just are excited to publish! Post your requests here. I am open 24/7 to doing any type of art work, and would be happy to do one for you!


Do you have examples? One of my friends might be interested.


yes of course




I have done alot more, the last ones are my oldest covers, the first are my most recent. I had taken a break from doing any sort of covers, and i was in a few episode groups for doing covers,edit, and splashes aswell. I haven’t made any splashes currently, but I can.


I can also do edited character covers, I have never done one but I have edited characters and put them on a background with a title.

These are amazing! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! How can I help you and your friend? Are you wanting a cover, or edit?

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My friend’s a newbie, so she might ask you something in a couple of days. I might have to remind her, she’s very forgetful! :sweat_smile:

Wanna join episode helpers

Hi Lina,

May I ask what that is?

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Hi Khadijah ,

Ok, I’ll be here waiting :blush:.

Of course! I need the title, author name, all of the character details, background you want, clothing, pose, drawn or regular, any quotes, any overlays, and anything else you want.

Can you pm me the info I asked for?

I pm you about the group


Of course! :two_hearts: