Serenitys Reviews (OPEN)


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Hello. My name’s B612 Resident. Thanks for creating this thread. I’d be grateful if you give me story a chance. Here’s the information

Title: Fantastical: Angel on Vacation
Author: B612 Resident
Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
Type: Ink
Description: Rexana is an angel sent to Human world. She decided to consider it a vacation but will things turn out the way she imagined? Can she keep her identity a secret? c.c
Story cover:

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I’m a new writer and would love some feed back on my first story too :two_hearts:

Title : Fantastical: Tale Of The Ocean :shell::hibiscus::palm_tree:
Author: Tiffany Lucero
Number of Episodes :3
Gene : Fantasy Style : Limelight
This is my first contest entry and my very first story ever!! Would love to make it better after the contest and would like to know how


miss avery’s little secret
style: ink
genre: mystery
current episode: 12
description : Avery has been avoiding on thing her whole life, her past. What happens when it all comes rushing back? Will her secret be told? Will the people she loves trust her?


Hi I’m Venus and here is my story I really hope you like it I would love to hear a review from you :blush:

Story title: REPUTATION
Author: Venus
Instagram: episode.venuss
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Style: INK
Episodes: 9 (ongoing)
Story description: Auora is a super famous and talented actress but her past is coming after her. Past that she manged to survive and build a whole new life out of it. Will it all break down or will she manged to survive again. Her love life and her friendships do you think it’ all about REPUTATION? Welcome to her adventure…


This is awesome and I’d love a review! Here’s my story info!

Title: Bye Bye Bad Boy
Author: Katpphic
Genre: Drama (with some comedy and mystery mixed in)
Style: Limelight
Description: How did you go from a nobody to the prom queen to an accidental murderer? Well, it involves revenge schemes, makeovers, fake dating, real falling in love, and one really bad boy.
Link: 1


Hey @serenityanne.episode ! I would like a review of my story! Hope you will like it :heart:

Story title : Sandy and her Quadruplets
Author : R.J.
Genre : Comedy
Description : How can she survive with noisy and disobedient quadruplets? Will she finally find the father of her sons ? Here’s the crazy life of Sandy and her quadruplets!
Link :


Name: The Ember Moon Pack
Description: You’re the Queen of the Supernaturals. What’ll happen when you find out that your mate is your pack’s enemy, and your kidnapper? CC ChoicesMatter
Chapters: technically 3 bc ch 2 is customization
Genre: Fantasy/romance
Style: Limelight
Instagram: emberpackepisode :smile: