Serious coding help needed!


So I referenced Joseph Evan’s “Tappable overlays” video to get this done.
I added tappable buttons to venture threw different places around a house.

I was wondering if I should add a label or something so that when the characters are done looking at one area in the house, they can go back to the scene with the tappable overlays and pick where to go next?

If that’s how it works, how do I finally go to the next scene that comes after that house venturing experience? lol

I’m still getting the hang of this, and everything is alright, I just need help with this one thing!

Thank you!

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Oh, I think I know what you mean. Like after they look someplace you want them to choose where they go next right?
If so that’s a choice branch (I think that’s what it’s called) You can find that on Dara’s Website for choices. Here:



“Cookies” {

} “Cake” {

} “Soda” {


What your gonna wanna do if you don’t know how to fix it whatever is in the " " you can change to whatever you want and it will pop up. Under that line there’s a space where you can write what happens if the player chooses that option. If you need further help lmk!


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