Serious overlay help

I am trying to add the dim overlay in the middle of the episode but it does not stay. Is there a duration option or…

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Do you mean it won’t stay in place or?

What do you mean by it doesn’t stay?? Like it doesn’t appear? Or what? :woman_shrugging:

You see the overlay for a nanosecond. Idk why it’s doing that.

Do you have a picture of your script?

No but it says this:


@transition fade out black 0.1

&overlay EFFECT DIM 60 create
&overlay EFFECT DIM 60 scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0

sound audience_surprised

So you’re saying you want it to show for a longer duration? If so, you need to add the opacity


What is the format to add the opacity?

&overlay EFFECT DIM opacity 1
Or &overlay EFFECT DIM opacity # in x if you want it to appear in a certain time

The hashtag is the number while the x is the time!

Thank you so much, kind person! :smile:

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No problem! :smile:

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