Serious Question for The Mods

I’d like to start by asking that those of you who support diversity not respond. I will only be responding if a mod answers my question(s). I’ve seen what happens on diversity threads and I’d like this to stay up.

I used to come here for directing tips and story recommendations. Even to promote my own stories. I’ve found that it’s gotten pretty toxic but I blame the mods moreso. It seems that certain behavior is allowed where others are punished.

You consistently allow disruption of valid threads by trolls who disagree with the OP. They tried it in the diversity standards thread.

I’ve seen POC and LBGT voices be silenced while racism and homophobia are allowed to remain or at the least, remain for a longer period than our voices.

I’ve seen POC and LBGT be silenced when the concern or point was valid. Moderating requires that the moderator not be biased. Their opinion doesn’t matter, their job is to be fair and just. A lot of times I don’t see this. I get that we are humans, we all have opinions. This is a place to share and have an open discussion but I feel that there is a lot of bias from the team that is to ensure that ALL members are respectful and they ALL voices can be heard as long as they are respectful and constructive:

The message that you send and have continued to send (see the BHM shelf request last year on insta… btw where is the post? Are we going to be afterthoughts yet again like last year?) the message that you send is that you only care about diversity when paying lip service to those of us who ask for it. It gives the impression that we are not wanted here and that our opinions do not matter.

I wasn’t going to post. I stay away from doing so most of the time but this has been on my mind and the way we are treated makes me wonder why we stick around. We’ve handheld you enough Episode. What are you doing about the forums? What are you doing about the racism here that is allowed to slide? What are you doing about how toxic the forum had become?

@Liz @Sydney_H


If there is an issue that needs to be discussed, please pm the forum staff with your concerns. Thanks :slight_smile: