Serious question


Should I close my art shop? I mean I don’t really have any requests so I don’t really know if I should keep it open. But tell me what you guys think. Every answer matters :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t close it.

Do your art for you first, before anyone else.I don’t ask often art because I have a very VERY bad memory and I’m always scare to forget or put the wrong name when I have To credit.
And I don’t want insults on my PM.

What do you make ?


I mean if u want to keep ur art shop open then keep it open. It may take some time though for ur art to get more known if that makes sense. But u could always temporarily close it down to give you time to improve and stuff. But its all really up to u.


I make covers, watermarks, banners and splashes


Oooh !
Can I see? :eyes:





You are super talented !

Don’t stop !


Thanks :slight_smile:


well if you close it. you can always ask the admins to reopen it (i think) :woman_shrugging:


That is true I think