Serious writers block

So I have this idea for a story but I can’t seem to think of the villain for the story. So the MC wakes up two hours after her bus was supposed to come. She thinks, “Whatever, I’ll just erase the call from the school later” And she just relaxes the whole day and ends up falling asleep again (Her mom gave her a sleeping drug to keep her safe but I’ll get to that) She wakes up 18 hours later to a still empty house. She runs to a neighbors house and realizes everyone is gone. She accidentally stumbles upon the entrance into the secret army’s hideout. It’s supposed to mimic the scene where Milo stumbles upon the entrance to atlantis. But instead of a love interest it is her little brother. She finds out that their mother is the general of the secret army. I already know who the love interests are I just need a villain and their motive

P.S the villain can’t be the mother or the little brother

A villian, named Jacob, used to be friends with the mc’s uncle. When Jacob was around 8 him and the mc’s uncle were playing in a lake. They were joking around and having fun and then the mc’s uncle said that he and Jacob should pretend to drown for fun. But Jacob’s mother went out looking for Jacob because it was time for him to come home. And Jacob’s mother thought that Jacob was really drowning, so she jumped in to save him. But Jacob’s mother couldn’t swim, and drowned trying to save him. (Kind of intense I know) And Jacob forever blames the mc’s uncle for his mother’s death and hates all of his friends and family… (that’s kind of corny but whatever) You can change it in some ways or just not use it. If you wanna credit me just use my forums name.

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