Serious writing group (CLOSED) for now



hey so I want to start a writing group if I let you join we are going to have a group thing like conversation so we can talk we are going to have a google account just for us you can continue stories on your own account that you want to finish by yourself so if you have stories you need help with I can help but we have stories that the whole team helps

these are all the jobs :director3, outfit creator5,coder5 ,artists4,editer6,reviewer3,cover creator3,question of the day2,
I might have a co owner of this group but for now its just me if you have any questions you can email (don’t judge I made this email when I was 8 I had an obsession with Minecraft)


I want to be an outfit creator


pm your email


I would like to be a cover creator please.


I would love that please fill out this form



I submitted!


How do I know if I made it in the group or not? Sorry. I’m just curious to find out if I made it in or not.

Which style is it? Is it limelight?


I submitted!


no it’s ink but if you want limelight i’m not the best at it


I’m okay with making it ink, too


also did you fill out the form


I sent you an email


I don’t really have instagram so can we like talk on hangouts or something.


that’s where the chat is entirely anyway when you fill out the form just put n/a


I replied to the email , im sorry if i didn’t do all the requirements , i think i did it all but i might have skimmed over one.


What do you mean by character details? Me in real life or my episode character?


your episode character details