Set filter command not working

for some reason its not letting me use a filter in my story whenever i copy and paste the command they give i get a warning

it says the command is not valid but thats how they gave it to me i copied it exactly how it looked

what is the filter name, try select the filter then use the blend mode again then copy and paste it in your script, click on Copy and not Copy Stage. Refresh the page. Hm. :thinking:

ive tried refreshing its still giving me the issue, im not sure about the filter name i just played around with the filter helper and liked a certain one, i pasted exactly what it gave which was this @set hsl -13 -48 -76 colorize with blendMode <MenuItem | tag = -1> to 41% and the command is not working i tried with other filters as well its the same thing

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wait a sec, it’s happening to mine as well. Unless it’s a bug. I just checked, hang on a sec.

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im guessing it might be a bug do other filters work with urs or only the command i tried doesnt work?

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it’s a bug, cause I used the filter along with the blend mode and it was working fine before, but now it isnt.

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weird, im gonna try sending a message to support and see what they say

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yeah, same.

It’s not a glitch, the problem is because of two things:

  • You need to remove :point_right:t3: <MenuItem | tag = -1>
  • And you need to add whatever the tag for your preferred filter is.
    You add this between the words “blendMode” and “to”.

For example, if you want the luminance filter, and you want it at the level you’ve set… then the code for that would be: :point_down:t3:

@set hsl -13 -48 -76 colorize with blendMode ADD to 41%

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normally when i use filters the command doesnt ever have the <MenuItem | tag = -1> and it just randomly added it today thats why i was confused
where do i go to know the tag of the filter?

i dont see it here

ah nevermind i fixed it its working now thank you!

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I’m glad I was able to help, and you’re very welcome! :blush:

Before I saw your second message… I was just about to tell you that the filters can be found under the “filter” drop down menu, at the right hand side. But it seems you found them. :blush:

You can just click each one, [to test them out] and the name will appear. Usually the little word that pops up between “blendMode” and “to” is titled something like: “ADD”, “OVERLAY” or “NORMAL”… depending on the filter.

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