Set hsl error Fix it or??

Do you have it too? I just copy and it says error

Just remove the <menuitem | tag = -1>

@Ryder14 @Lio But after that, she will still need to add the name of the blendmode… otherwise there’ll still be an issue.

how to to that?

to open a ticket that they will know?

Blend modes are either: ADD, MULTIPLY, OVERLAY or NORMAL, but you need to figure out which one you need for the filter that you’re using.

For example, if you need: “Add” it’d be:

@set hsl 0 0 -100 no_colorize with blendmode ADD to 39%

If you’re still confused, then let me know which filter you’re using… then I’ll be able to tell you which blendmode you need.

Wouldn’t hers be overlay?
For example here’s mine from my story

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It could be either of the four that I mentioned, but I’m not sure which filter effect she chose.

Aha okay I see now


Or you can find out yourself by going back onto the portal… and on the preview screen you need to click the “hsl filters” button.
[You can see where it’s located as it’s shown on the screenshot that you posted above]
After clicking it, a button called “blend” will appear at the lower right hand side. The title of the blend will be named below it.

thank you it was MULTIPLY.
and you know why it changed?

You’re welcome. :blush:

And I have no idea why it does that, but for some reason it always does. But it only happens when people use the filter menu via the app or the preview menu… rather than using the filter picker from the drop down in the portal.

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