Set in a military school

I’ve noticed that the stories for the most part are set either in high school, or in college. I had this idea of a story set in a military school. What do you think? Anyone here attend/graduate from a military school? If so, what would you expect to see in such a story?

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Hey! This idea is awesome and Is hardly seen in episode stories. Now, I can’t say I graduated from military school or am enlisted, but I did do a military program in high school. I did NJROTC for all four years of high school (I specifically did the Navy) So, I can offer some pointers for when you’re creating your story. While episode animations and backgrounds are limited I can offer you any information from marching, to proper uniform care, general knowledge of the military and what it’s like to be in a program. It’ll be a lengthy list and I’m not sure what exactly you’re looking for. Lemme know and I can help. :grinning:


Sounds good.

I was in military school for 3 years and there is
A Lot :grimacing:
NGL romance drama is a lot more heartpounding bc Fraternization can get you in a LOT of trouble, the sports trips are crazy, the cirriculum is intense asf and the students are ALWAYS tired :upside_down_face:
but if you have any specific questions lmk! It’s been a lot of years but I still remember the terror of waking up to the formation bugle knowing I’m about to push for 10 minutes lmao

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