Setting Choices that get eliminated

Setting up the choices and branching is relatively simple.

BUT in this case, the code seems to be getting more and more cluttered (best word I can use to describe it.)

What I’m trying to do is set up a scene where you choose to interact 3 certain characters. BUT making a choice in this case is not meant to move the story forward. Instead you choose which character you interact with (and the order in which you interact). After all three have been met, then the story progresses.

I know how to set this up, but I’ve had to set up dozens of choice brackets and branches. I figured there must be a simpler way to set up this template.

The goal should be the choices will appear as such:

Who do you want to talk to?

  1. Matt
  2. Anna
    3 Steve

And then as you select each character that choice gets eliminated. So for example, if I chose STEVE as the first person to interact with, after the conversation is over I would see:

Who do you talk to next?

  1. Matt
  2. Anna

And so on. As I mentioned I’m aware of how to get this to happen, but the coding is becoming extremely long and complicated. I realize there may be no way around it considering what I’m trying to do. But I figured someone with a little more experience might now a simpler template to set up a scene like this.

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If you want I can make a template like that, but you could also use gains

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This thread might be helpful to you: HOW TO: Remember Who the MC Talked To

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If you did I would love to see it. See if we coded the same or different

I’m gonna pm you!

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I tried to use branching the other day and it kept choosing the wrong choice…I eventually gave up…there was no errors or anything, might be an episode glitch

Do you need help with that? Because I love this kind of coding!

You could try, lemme pull up the script.

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It’s probably better if you pm me, so we don’t go off topic!


Sorry for delay was called away on an errand, I’ll do it now