Setup please help!

So when I make two characters kiss how do I make one stand over another. example: one person is supposed to be standing in front of the other but when I type they end of standing behind, how do I fix this?

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You need to change their layers! Like

@CHARACTER1 moves to layer 0
@CHARACTER2 moves to layer 1

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Which Layer is Which?

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If they’re kissing you need to move the char. whose action is rear to the “highest” layer


If you write /post a pic of your script I can explain :sweat_smile:

It’s fine I think I figured it out, I have another question. How can I make my character run out of the scene? :hot_face: :cold_face:

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@CHARACTER walks to spot x y z AND CHARACTER is running animation I don’t remember its name now

I usually use this, but it should work even if you make your character exit right/left instead of using spot

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And when I want for my character to kick the other how can I do that? (Preferably near the same time) I’m sorry I ask so many questions :hot_face:

Don’t worry!
Anyway there should be the two animations (the one where the ch. kicks and the one where the ch. receives the kick) I’m on my phone now so I don’t know their names

You just need to use AND or &

So like this?: @CHARACTER is kick_crotch - give AND CHARACTER is kick_crotch - receive

Yes it should work

Personally when I have two different characters I use the & while when I need to code more things for the same character I use the AND

Ok Thanks!

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Ok, so my character is exiting by running how do I code that?

Do you use the spot command?

Which is…

Uhm… like
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.230 160 0


Okay so you just need to add
AND CHARACTER is running animation which I don’t know the name
And it should work

@CHARACTER walks to spot x y z and CHARACTER does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop