Seven Friends! (horror story) *open share your thoughts and questions*

Finally I’m not making a forum asking for episode script help or codes! (Today I’m asking if anyone knows the code to Daniellas computer?!?! On the story seven friends) I’m on the 2nd episode of the story!! I’ve already killed the first person and I wouldn’t like to kill the second. If anybody knows the password to her computer or has any helpful information that will help me later in the story Plzzzz comment! If u haven’t read the story or don’t know the answer or both just ignore this.


What? This is confusing.

I’ll edit it

Um…how would we know the password to someone’s computer…?

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Not me too :zipper_mouth_face: but it didn’t killed him…for me! My first four character got alive but I messed with last 3 :joy:

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It’s a story on episode

Sorry for late reply but if it’ll help anyone the code is 2719. The red cards are 8, 9, and 10 which make 27 and there are 19 blue strokes.


Oh wow, thanks. I’m already on the next person but if someone asks I’ll definitely tell them! :grin:

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Wow dat is… :scream: My poor brain didn’t able to find it :no_mouth:hehe

I kept all people alive except for Julia (and I saved the baby)

I know this forum is closed but I can’t find any answers anywhere. Does Daniel have to stay and search in order to keep Mona alive?

The password to the computer is 2719 I believe.

Which door is it if you don’t mind I really could use the help.

The door to get to the baby is the first one on your right. (For anyone who was wondering)

Sorry but it’s wrong answer so right answer is second door of your left side

I messed with julia and luna :joy::joy:

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İn the last episode Jack and Daniel had an extra sceen I couldnt save Daniel but I had the bat and also the gun! How can I save Daniel?

Thanks! I put 1927 first, hehe… But, do you know the answers to the questions? (Episode 2)

Ok, I know the answers.

  1. Whose laptop did Jack get from the car?
  2. Sam and who is a couple?
  3. What is Julia’s profession? She’s a
  4. At the beginning of the story, the characteristics of the characters were listed. Which one was Daniel’s? He’s
  5. What hair colour does Luna have?
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Ok, Pro tip for seven friends
Press the back button on your phone and click the three dots on your bottom right. Choose replay. You should go to a replay menu. You can play it as many times as you want! I am currently using two stories. On the first story, follow your guts. If you make wrong decisions, you know which one to pick next. If you make right desicions, you can trust that answer. Do keep in mind that the story will change by the desicions you make. Therefore, this technique has a down side. If the two stories are too different, I suggest you make a third story to test it, follow all the desicions on your second story and use the third story to test. You’ll be able to make perfect desicions. But, it’s really pass consuming. Different stories still need passes, even if you used a pass for a chapter for other stories. I’m sorry if this is confusing. Bye!