Seventh Heaven Writers Club (ages 14-19)

Seventh Heaven is in no way affiliated with any religious group or practice! All religious groups and beliefs are allowed :slight_smile:

A brief intro:

Hey everyone! My name is Arrianna but you can call me Arri. I’ve been writing on episode since 2017 when I was about 14 lmao. I took the years 2018-2020 off to focus on singing and now I am back! I’m currently working on putting out a story in the next coming months. I want to start this group to help other young writers, like myself, stay motivated. Writing can be hard and sometimes it’s hard to keep your story progression when you just aren’t feeling it especially when it feels like no one reading your story.


So if you read through that paragraph you might be wondering how you can get into this writing group. Here are a few things I need to know before you join.

  1. You must between the ages of 14-19 (I will accept applicants that are turning 14 soon)
  2. You must be hardworking and in the progress of writing or planning
  3. You must be open to all feedback and ready to receive criticism


  1. You must be active within the club
  2. Don’t use the group to gain reads/follows. This is a place for support.
  3. There will be absolutely NO bashing of other’s work.
  4. Respect each other!
  5. Have fun and be kind to one another.

How to apply:

Now that you’ve read all of the information its time to apply! I will personally review all applications as quickly as possible. Please answer all of these questions below.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself. (i.e Age, when you joined episode, hobbies)
  2. Tell me a little about your writing.
  3. What stage of writing are you in?
  4. Why are you interested in the group?
  5. include this password so I know you read everything. Your zodiac sign

After I review your application I will PM you the link to join the discord group :slight_smile: Thank you for your application in advance!


Hi! This is a really great idea. Lots of people will join xxx


lol, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anyone on either site is all that interested :confused: thank you though!

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hey girl! this is a really sick idea. personally, i’ve been a reader on episode since about 2015 i think but i’m just now working on my first story. i’m 18 and currently working on my bachelors in english with a minor in art, so I’m super interested in cover design as well! i’m interested in finding some sort of community on episode and helping each other out with our stories (-: ps. i’m a virgo haha

  1. Firstly I’m 18 years old. I used to only use Episode for reading but then I got into the writing side of stuff. Tbh it’s the same with wattpad. I have 2 books that I’m currently working on over there. In terms of the episode story I’m working on now, you could say I’m not quite close to publishing it just yet. This group seems like a very interesting way of getting to know and meet other episode writers so I really do like this.

Well I pride myself with being a cancer :blush:


Of course xx
I would love to join, but it says up there that you have to be ready to be publishing your story, and I’m not sure about when I am releasing mine. It probably won’t be until next month. But it really is a great thing that you are doing. Don’t worry many people will be interested. xxx
There are a lot of newer writers struggling and this is the perfect thing for them. :grin:

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You should join anyway! Your comment definitely brought me some good luck there are now 3 Members and two in the process of joining :grin: If you finish the application I’ll send you the link we’d love to help you through the writing process

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I guess I can apply xxx
I mean the very least I can do is try :grin:

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We would love to have you!

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  • Tell me a little about yourself. (i.e Age, when you joined episode, hobbies)
    Hi! My name is Neha and I’m 14. I’m from the U.S. and I love Episode! I have been playing since the middle of middle school. (so age 12) I am a Silver and level six gymnast. I love reading and writing. My favorite book is Wiseguy and my favorite movie is either Goodfellas, Men In Black, or The Parent Trap. My favorite genre is mysteries and crime novels. Ever since I was four, I wanted to work in Law Enforcement. I am really interested in the investigative side of things, but also the law side. I either want to become a Computer Forensics Investigator or work on a Paralegal team. Not sure yet!
  • Tell me a little about your writing. I have always loved creative writing. I have a really big imagination. My mum always encouraged me to be creative and write, so that is what I have done my entire life. She has gotten me so far, and so she inspired me to start writing a book which I started in September 2019. I got into Episode writing in late 2018. I found it as an interesting way of storytelling. I was going to publish a story, but I wasn’t very prepared and good at coding, so I gave up. I came back a few months ago because I felt inspired to come back and start writing again. The community is honestly so kind and supportive, it just felt right!
  • Are you published or near publishing? I don’t know quite honestly. The idea of publishing next month is being tossed around, but nothing is final yet.
  • Why are you interested in the group? I think it’s a great idea! Being able to get good criticism is rare and I think being in a group of well-chosen people would give me that. Also, being in a group with other writers gives not only me, but the others a chance to support each others’ work. Support is always a great thing when starting out. To have haters is discouraging, but when you have people by your side the haters fade away. Another thing, I think it would honestly be a fantastic experience.

*password: Leo


Thank you for your application! We look forward to having you!

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Of course xxx

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Ooo this sounds cool, here’s my application. Thank you :heart::heart:

Hey! My name is Loralei, but you can call me Lora. I am 17 years old and live in the UK. I am currently in my first year of collage, studying fine art and English literature which is fun (jk it’s hell). My hobbies include reading and writing (obviously), hiking, playing piano, singing and songwriting.

I joined episode about three years ago I think, I started writing a few stories on the app because I love writing and I was bored. Never published them. I then decided I wanted to actually write a story that people could read and enjoy so I started writing ‘Oakley High’ in limelight. I have written 14 episodes so far and will be releasing them daily. Oakley High is about a normal school girl who is framed for her parents murder and is sent to Oakley High, a sort of rehabilitation school for criminals who deserve a second chance. It also focuses on mental health awareness because I know a lot of people have or know someone with a mental health illness and I wanted people to feel a connection with the characters as well as shine a light on mental health.

I would like to join this club because reading and writing is my passion and possibly something I would like to do in the future. I love giving advice and seeing others story ideas and giving my own opinions. I would also like people to do the same with my stories. I love reading what people think about my story and knowing ways how I could improve it.

I’m also a Capricorn :wink:

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Thank you for your application! We’re glad to have you!

Hello, I would also love to join.
• Name is Valeriya and Not Valeria, but friends call me Val. I will turn 18 in few days. I love playing episode but I’m also an editor, and I’m trying to draw realistic and I’m want to try video editing
• I wrote a story before but it was when I was 14-15, so it was about a bad boy but it caught attention and had over 15k readers. Now I’m writing a story with a cool plot and no typical cliches. I’m really good with coding and I also do custom overlays and backgrounds for my story
• I already started to write 3 episode. But I want to write at least 7 episodes before publishing my story. I think it will be published next month
• I’m interested in the group because I like giving ideas and getting a harsh opinion on my work. Getting to work with other authors also motivates me to write more. And of course to find friends
• My zodiac is :gemini:

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Hi i’m Skye or on episode i’m formally known as Athena Marie. I started episode over 2 years ago. I’m asking for a friend, but she’s twelve and a aspiring writer, but really wants to join your group, would that be possible? Thanks! My hobbies include singing,cooking and reading!
I also LOVE to write my own stories. Such as the Shadow man and A place called silence. (Those are mini books i wrote NOT on episode but am putting them on soon)
Many thanks Athena Marie

thank you for your application! Regarding your friend please have her submit an application and ill consider her :slight_smile:

Hey there, I think this a cool idea to get to know other writers! I would like to apply.

  1. I am 18 years old and I joined in 2015. I love reading and writing stories! I’m in High School and I want to go to med school. My favorite genres are fantasy, science-fiction, and mystery. I like reading episode stories and they inspire and motivate me to write my own story.
  2. I love writing! Mostly I write fantasy or mystery stories. I hope that I can publish my book one day and become an author. It’s been my dream since I was a child.
  3. I started to work on a story for episode a few days ago. I’m still writing the first episode but it’s going well. That will be my first story I publish on episode. It’s a fantasy story.
  4. I think it’s a good chance to meet other writers, get criticism and advice and help out others if I can. Besides, supporting each other is a great idea and I think it’s great to encourage and motivate each other.

Password: Scorpio

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Thank you for your application!

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I’d like to join :two_hearts:

My name is Emma, I’m from Norway. I’m 17 (2003 model) - Aries. I started planning and explore the portal about a year ago. My hobbies are, drawing (digital, I can’t do w pen and paper :sweat_smile:) singing, dancing, gym and swimming.

I personally prefer writing drama, with some kind of romance involved, the drama often includes mystery as well, not the scary kind tho. I’m a sucker for the slow burn.

I have released 1 story on the app, with currently 5 episodes out (more coming). I also have another one in prosess, but which I won’t publish until all chapters are written (currently on epi7 with that one)

I like the idea of a group especially for new authors, I am in a lot of IG groups, but both the age gap and their “position” in the community are all so different, not all are writers. I think it’d be a great way to meet new people, and learn more about writing, and just stuff in general. As well as helping each other grow.

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