Seventh: The Void

IG: @queen_tali_

Title - Seventh: The Void

Genre - Thriller

Hello everyone, I’m excited to announce the first three episodes of Seventh: The Void are out now. This is the second entry to the Seventh trilogy. The first one can be found on my profile, so if you want to follow along the lore, go check out the first one.

My vision for this story is pretty much set, but I hope you still give it a chance and it catches your interest. If you do read it, tag me over on Instagram. I’d love to see your screenshots and know what you think of it.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Description: Follow Rebecca, daughter of the Seventh bride on her adventure, as she starts her journey. One that will bring salvation or ruin to the world.


• 1 FMC
• Full CC
• Advanced Directing
• Sounds
No Gem Choices (excl. Support the Author)

Also I posted in the comments, there is a cloning issue with Hope and Rayya in episode two. Trying to get that resolved.


Congratulations on publishing :two_hearts:

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Thank you.

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Just a word of warning, there seems to be a glitch in episode two, that was not there in review. It basically shadow clones Hope in place of Rayya in that episode. We are trying to resolve said infiltration of the Naruto universe into my story.

Sorry in advance.

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Update the issue has been resolved and will publish the next episode soon.

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Happy Birthday @QueenTali!!!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: May you have an amazing day on your special day!:two_hearts: Wish you all the success, happiness & love!

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Hey thank you. Sorry for late reply.

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Oh cool sure why not.

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Episode Four is out now.


Episode Five is out.

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