Several Questions Actually

Hi I am not sure if I understand the first question right…you men like first person view?
If so people use usually two black overlays with fading on ends and animete them to simulate eyes opening.

To look from one side to another use

@pan to zone # in T


@pan to zone 3 in 6

Do you mean something like this? With the eyes closed and blinking?

I’m not exactly sure who made these but I think it might’ve been @Jadlyss. She also has a script template on how to do these.

The panning worked PERFECTLY! Thank you for that!

Also First person view like they are waking up. I can’t find that overlay!

Yes but in animation and I can’t find her link to be able to use the overlay or how it is done? Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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Also…How do I make my character crawl across the screen? And when she lays down, why is she below the viewing where I can’t see her?

Read through this thread, it may help you out:

Also, you won’t find the overlay in the catalog. You have to upload it first.

I would have to have something to upload? Do I download the one above to do so for the eye opening?

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Yes, you can either download these images or the ones on the thread I linked to you.

When I go to upload them, its making use a pre set back ground that I don’t want…is that normal?

I’m not sure what you mean :thinking: They need to be uploaded as overlays not backgrounds.

  • Go to Art Catalog
  • Click Overlays
  • Press the drop down box “Uploaded to YOUR Account”
  • Then press “Select Image” and upload it

Do you mean this? It’s just showing you what your overlay will look like on a background. This isn’t in your actual story.

yes lol! I just had to do a little reading >.> Sorry! I figured out it was a temp deal. Not sure how to incorp it into my story still…may do some more reading about overylays. Just need it animated…this coding stuff is NOT for the faint of heart lol

Lol yes it can be very, very complicated in the beginning. It might be a good idea to read through the guides and type the questions you have in the search bar. More than likely, you’ll find an answer to them.

In order to add the overlay to your story:
When you enter your script do -

@overlay NAMEOFOVERLAY create
@overlay NAMEOFOVERLAY opacity 1

So for you it would be:

@overlay EYETOP create (Or whatever you named them)
@overlay EYETOP opacity 1
@overlay EYEBOTTOM create
@overlay EYEBOTTOM opacity 1

That just made half my screen black :sob:


you have t o animate the overlay but it is advanced stuff.

If you are a beginer to coding I would recomand to first learn the basic.:smiley:

Othervice it might get easily too much. :slight_smile:

when she lays down and is not on right spot you have to spot direct her.

for crawling you use simply the crawling animation

in LL it is called dance_crawl_loop dunno if INK has such animation too.

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