Sexism is not ok

no! nobody does! the kitchen is where food is yes, but you don’t BELONG in the kitchen! bruh ur kidding right


thank god i’m not the only one who took issue with that yIKES


thank u :skull_and_crossbones:

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Also, a lot of people think “feminist” means that a female thinks the female gender is superior to the male gender. Um, no? Feminism means you support women’s rights and you want gender equality.


Exactly. Nobody is “better” or “superior”



And just because man are naturally born with more physical power than women, doesn’t mean they’re stronger. Or better. Some people have to accept that. As well as accept that women are not better either. We. Are. Equals. No matter the gender.

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I figured I should share a little story that happened about two weeks ago. My dad ordered pizza for dinner one night and we went to the place to pick it up a little while later. The place we go to is a small locally owned pizza parlor so a lot of people in the area know and are friends with the owner. My dad and I go into the place and see the owner at the register (he is normally in the back or delivering pizza) and his twenty year old daughter in the back washing dishes (she is normally at the register) because their dishwasher had broken so the dishes had to be done by hand. My dad and I were told we were there a little early and to wait five minutes or so. So we stood to the side and talked and looked at memes (because why not). Then three guys, drunk and in their forties, walk in and start talking to the owner. They were clearly friends with him. One of them looked in the back and saw the daughter washing the dishes and yelled “Hey look the dishwasher is working again. This model is a lot better.” I wanted to say something but these were three drunk men and I’m a small seventeen year old just getting pizza with my dad. I turned to my dad and said, very loudly, “I’m going to wait in the car. Just call me out when the pizza is done and I’ll help you carry it all. I don’t want nor feel comfortable with three sexist a*sholes who think taking their mommy issues out on some girl is alright.” (Everyone in this town knows everyone else. I know of the guys and the guy who made the comment had his mother kick him out in his twenties because they wouldn’t do much of anything) They all gave me glares and the one started to walk to me a little bit so I left to the car. When my dad called me back in to help grab the pizza the guys were gone. The girl was at the register and checked us out. She mouthed “thanks” to me and we left. I found out later from my dad that the guys ended up leaving because the girl ended up laughing at my comment once I left.

Sexism is so common and that is a huge problem! If you see it or hear it especially in public say something. You don’t even have to point it out directly if you don’t feel safe. Just a loud comment will get the point across better than nothing.


My brother was too. Because I was the ‘daughter’ I was allowed to focus on art and school and writing without much hassle. My brother was forced into sports every year and when he said he wanted to try painting with me he was told he needed to go outside and do yard work or go exercise like a ‘real man’.


The reason people associate feminism with nasty shouty women is because some people hate men and believe women are better then they go around calling themselves feminists, but feminism is wanting men and women to be seen as equal because a man is no better than a woman and woman is not better than a man.

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i once saw a twitter post that said ”all women are whores” and i was so upset :sweat:, even though i’m not a woman.


I’m so glad there’s a thread that raises the needed awareness to this topic. Thank you for putting this up!

Sexism is a very fragile and delicate topic in content-wise yet also one that requires being robust during the resolving phase.
From the objectification to faulty gender roles, there are so many ways sexism comes in. Everyone should mind not only their behaviors but also their wordings. Which brings me to this;



I believe there’s a similar case with the ideology “feminism”. While the movements of it and what the subject ideology supports is purely based on equality of the sexes in every area of life, the name itself makes it sound problematic as if it’s favoring a certain gender. Thus, people may subconsciously have negative ideas about feminism since a simple word leaves a great impact on forming general ideas as stated in the picture above.

Also, one shouldn’t just wait and ignore this topic until they’re the victim of a sexist incident.


Everyone and I mean everyone should raise awareness and play their own part in dismantling the oppression. Please don’t close your eyes on a seemingly innocent behavior/joke/sentence etc. Inform, build awareness and disassemble the maltreatment.


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I don’t understand how some men can be so sexist when a woman literally created them.



yes!!! Stereotypes like this that are built into women are so harmful!!! I can’t recall a moment of my childhood where someone wasn’t telling me learn to be a proper lady or dress like a girl or Learn to be a good wife for your non-existent husband. Sexism needs to stop!!!

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