Sexual Assault in Stories


Are writers allowed to address sexual assault in their stories? I’m currently working on a story based on someone accusing some other person of sexual assault. I’m not planning on showing anything explicit. Am I allowed to do that?


Do you mean you’re not planning on showing anything explicit?
If so, then yeah, you’re definitely allowed to address and discuss the topic in your story.


Yea, that’s what I meant.


Typos will be the death of us all, huh?:joy:
Anyway, you’re completely within the guidelines to explore the idea of sexual assault. It’ll be totally fine. Good luck with your story!


Thank you!


Pretty sure as long as you don’t glorify sexual assault it’s allowed.


As long as you (That sounded so Bieber-ish, right? No? Okay…) don’t narrate or visualize the said scene, then yeah, what the above people said.


If you’re unsure of anything, you can always email support. I recently sent them one of my scenes to check as I wasn’t sure if it adhered to the guidelines.


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