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I considered myself bisexual for quite a long time, but then I realized under specific circumstances that this opinion was imposed on me by various articles and people, social networks, etc…So sort yourself out properly

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I totally understand that, like that having to justify your identity just makes me feel gross. I never wanna label myself until I’m like sure sure just cause. I came out to my mom as queer, and she said that was just a phase and I’m prob confused. So fun!

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I’m asexual but romantically attracted to guys.

See, when I was in my teens and knew nothing about labels, I’d get crushes on boys but once someone mentioned anything remotely sexual or related to body parts, I always felt kind of grossed out or indifferent. And I never went crazy upon seeing some random attractive celebrity. A lot of people who stan celebs for their content also express that they feel sexually attracted to them, but for me it was always… “Yeah, he looks good, but that’s it.”
For years, I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t get celebrity crushes nor did I like reading about and seeing sexual content.
A few years ago, I read the story “Ace of Hearts” and felt that the main character was a lot like me in her experiences and feelings. So I did a little research on asexuality, and began to identify with it a lot. I do want to get married and have kids, but… yeah, it’s complicated to explain.


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