Sezzle's Graphics Workshop! - OPEN


Hi, I’m sezzle. I work in Photoshop. I can make anything you want if you provide me with enough detail of what you want.


  1. Detail properly what you want
  2. Please read my story in return ( Currently on 80K+ reads
  3. if you want characters I want full breakdown of features and clothes to easily recreate them.
  4. I will use the art I made for you as advertisements of my work if I want to
  5. I don’t always work in order, though I will try, I work in where I feel most creative in that moment.
  6. One request 1 edit at a time.
  7. Dont ask if you can request, it saves time if you just say what you want then, can you do this?

I don’t have many examples as I have not made alot of Episode Graphics but I do have alot of experience in photoshop.




Entries into outline comps (I did not draw only coloured these

I can do other stuff like splashes and stuff just haven’t had to make one yet.

WAITING LIST (this will be edited as I accept and complete requests)**
@Kalizzza -Complete
@Unicornlover346 -Complete
@myamore - waiting for details
@Manda1231 -Complete
@camilowrites -Complete


Good luck! :heart:
You do eveything beautfully.


Bumpity Bumpii Bump!


Thanks :smiley:


You are really good!


Can I request a background?


Sure what would you like and how many zones


Can u make a 3 zone gang hangout for my story plz?
Something simple tho.


Sure what sort of vibe or features would you like


Um kinda simple almost like a game room
Kinda a chill vibe
Mostly black, grey and white


Done your request



Seat Angle DAY and NIGHT


Hope you like it, don’t forget to credit or just read my story :smiley:


This is PERFECT! Thanks sooo much! I’ll credit u at the end of every episode.


Wow amazing

I’m glad you join Episode harmony





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Hi, did you really colour the ones that you didn’t draw?

It’s really amazing.


Yeah apart from the backgrounds on them, I just cartoonised backgrounds. I can’t draw at all unless on paper (and even then not so good, I’m trying to learn though


Those are absolutely beautiful! Ill make sure to request when I can :slight_smile:


Can I request a few backgrounds please?


Sure send the details and when she’s on she will do it