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Tired of the homelife, for various reasons you decide to runaway. Will you make it as a runaway? What will happen? Will you end up returning home?

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The winter breath chilled Dean to his bones. One week on the run, and he already wished he grabbed more items from his so called home. Still gathering supplies, he has stayed in town hopping from friend house to friend house but now his so called dad is looking for him now. With Dean not around, the government has stopped sending checks. Dean walks toward a pit of fire, where a new face he doesn’t recognize huddles by the trash can fire. “Nice day isn’t it?” he walks up to her, she looks up at him, “Oh just lovely. I really enjoy the way the sun warms my hands. What’s your name . . .” she does a quick scan of his outfit. Trashy and not warming like hers. She suspects he has lived on the streets for awhile. “Trashy.” she concludes. Dean rolls his eyes, “My name is Dean.” she quickly replies “No it’s not, it’s Winter Trash.” after a short pause, “Aren’t you going to ask for mine?” Dean shrugs, “What’s the point, I am sure you are just another kid who is going to go home after three days on the street.” This statement had upset the girl, “No, I won’t be doing that. My name is Vanessa. Save it, remember it. Maybe you’ll even want it as a tattoo someday.”
The duo continue to talk as a voice listens. He never spoke, just listened. They probably noticed him there at first, but far to zoned into the conversation that he became just a Shadow. David, warmed his hands by the fire, continuing to listening wanting to speak up but also wanting to avoid social interaction. Then, David coughs.
Dean and Vanessa look at David,
“I didn’t even see you there, did you?” Vanessa asks Dean.
“I, I think so?” Dean replies unsure.
David looks up, unsure what to say at first. Then his anger builds up, “Got a problem with me being here?”
“No.” Vanessa quickly replies, “I was just. uh.”
Dean steps closer to David, “Back off.”
David takes a deepbreath, and looks back at the fire, “Of course.”

Vanessa, what does she think of David & Dean. What final event made Vanessa leave her home. Where is she trying to go?
Dean, what does he think of Vanessa & David. Does Dean suggest Vanessa go with him to his moms.
David, what does he think of David & Vanessa. What final event made David leave his time. Where is he trying to go? How long has he been on the streets.



Kat walks down the street tugging her bag close to her chest. Inside was belongings stolen from her mother. It wasn’t the nicest of jewelry, but she could at least get a few hundred from it. Through the falling snow, she avoids glancing eyes and continues down the street. But her sketchiness catches the eyes of a charming thief. Aden casually walks up to her, “You going to hand over the bag? Or are we going to have an issue?” Kat trembles and looks up at him, “W - we -” Aden smiles down at her, and smirks, “We aren’t going to have an issue is the words I hope you are going to say.” He tugs on her bag, when she doesn’t let go, he pulls harder and grunts his teeth, “Give. Me. The. Bag.” She pulls away and runs, down an alley and straight into three gang thugs. The three of them grab Kat and push her to the ground and start to sift through her bag. Surprisingly Aden, being almost a foot taller than the three thugs rushes up and scares them off with a knife. Aden holds his hand out for her to pick up.

Aden, what does he think of Kat. What final ‘act’ made him leave home. How long has he been on the street?
Kat, what does she think of Aden. What final ‘act’ made her leave home. Where is she trying to go?"



David continued to look into the fire. He didn’t want to talk to them again, but he didn’t really want to leave them either. It wasn’t just because this was the only fire pit in the area, but something was interesting about the duo - well Vanessa. Her cockyness interested him, but Dean on the other hand, he didn’t want to talk to. Dean had no problem with that. Part of him actually wanted David gone. Actually, all of him did. This kid was weird, and was sketchy. But, pretending he was a ghost would be the best option. Then Vanessa, intrigued by both. Part of her felt like a princess, two boys fighting - but she knew that she could kick both their asses so fast. “Winter Trash -” he quickly interupts her, “Dean -” she interrupts him back, “Winter Trash -”
“I told you my name is Dean.”
“Winey the Poo.” she shrugs -
“That’s not even close.”
“Until you stop interrupting me, I am going to keep on going further from your name. Poo Bear -”
“Dean.” He says firm.
“D -”
“Interuo Roseland Smith!”
David chuckles under his scarf, and the duo looks at him, had been so drawn into their little argument made David vanish again.
“I like him, he has a sense of humor. What’s your name kid?”
At first David looks up, he really didn’t want to interact but what was the harm in a name, “David-”
“No it’s not, it’s Tempo Ninja.” She interrupts.
“Okay, at least my name isn’t that bad.” Dean chuckles
“Shut up Trash.” Vanessa places her hands on her hips, “He has an anger issue, but also sneaky like a Ninja.”
“Can I pick my name?” Dean asks.
“What’s wrong with Trash?” David adds in.
Vanessa points at David, “He has a point, why would anyone want to change the name I gave to them. People pay big money for me to nickname them.”
“Like 3 penies?” Dean recoils.
David smiled under his scarf, he liked both these two. But he knew that this was just a one time friendship and they would leave him quickly. After all, he was a faggot to others. His father’s final words echo in his head, and wished he could be alone. He adds more trash to the pile, and then walks away from the duo.

“Hey, where are you going?” Vanessa asks, “You can’t leave me with him!”
“Hey, where are you going?” Dean mocks, “You can’t leave me with her!”
David looks back at the two of them, and then continues to walk down the winter street, he was heading to the makeshift home he lived at with this, questionable, kid named Aden who would vanish for days and return with a new look. He was obviously on the run. After he walks away, the duo looks at each other, and Dean is the first to talk, “Meh, I better be going as well.”
“Where are you going?”
“A place.” He didn’t see the point in telling her, “You?”
“Staying by this fire for the night.”
“Just be careful of the police.”
“Yes, the people in blue who come around-”
“I know what the police Winter Trash, but why would they come for the fire.”
“They know runaways like them.” Dean shrugs, “You can come with me if you’d like.”
Vanessa scans him, not fully trusting. “Why?”
“Because the people in BLUE VANESSA.” he rolls his eyes.
“Do you even have a place Winter Trash?”
“Well, no.” Dean scratches the back of his head, “There’s this on the down low abandon building which some runaway kids take care of and allow temp residents for small fee.”
Vanessa looks at him, unsure if to go. . .

Does David go straight ‘home’? Where does David get his food? What does David now think of Dean & Vanessa now?
What is the small fee for this ‘temp’ home? What does Dean think of David & Vanessa now?
Does she accept his offer? If not what does she do? What does Vanessa think of David & Dean now?



Kat denies the hand and pushes herself off of the ground, she didn’t trust him one bit. First he’s robbing her then he’s helping her. “Look, you can keep the stuff in the bag. I just need the bag.” Aden explains. Kat still doesn’t trust him, and just walks past him. “Please.” Aden insists. Kat sighs, and looks at him, “Why? Why this bag in particular?” Aden, didn’t want to tell her that he needed to give to someone else, a good friend of his. “Doesn’t matter, please.”
Kat then continues to walk away, Aden walks up to her and puts his hand on his shoulder, “Look, it’s not for me.”
“Who steals a bag for another person.” She tries to walk away again
Aden hops in front of her again, and flexes his muscles, “I do. I am easily a 10 out of 10 in every category, including empathy.” That was a total lie.
“Do you even care that you tried to rob me?!”
Aden shrugs, “Of course.” not really, she’s so dramatic.
“Leave.” Kat raises her voice, but she was scared and frankly just wanted to get the heck out of there, “Or ill call the cops on you!” She lies, “And they will give you the death penalty!”
Aden tilts his head, what is this girl on, “Will they really?”
“Yes! And they will make your family watch, and everyone else on national television.”
“Got a name girl?”
Kat doesn’t reply.
“Fine,” he rolls his eyes, “If you did call the police, the most I would get is a few years, but you on the other hand would be returned home. I bet you have some valuables in there, and where ever you got it from, my oh my are you going to get it. Unless its’ your parents, then you are going to be disowned.”
Kat bit her lip, he saw right through her lie and turned the tables on her. Before she can say anything, a shotgun goes off, as a restaurant manager scares the two of them. “GET LOST YAH NO GOODS!” Aden grabs her hand, and drags her through the streets, evading cars and bursting open doors, Kat screaming and running along the way.

The duo stops at the house where Aden and David live at, abandoned years ago. Aden chuckles, “I had totally forgetten that guy has a death wish for kids.”
Kat just glares at him, not only did she almost got shot at, she was lost . . . with him.

What does Aden think of Kat now. What does he need the bag for (I have a few ideas, I can share in PM), Does Aden invite her to stay?
What does Kat think of Aden now? Does she attack him for getting her lost, or just rage, etc? Does she have any friends already on the street?



Vanessa looks up at Trash, and sighs, “Sure, why not. I shall accept your offer.”
“Then, let’s get too it, side note, how good are you at acting?”
Vanessa stopped following him, "Acting?’
“There’s this tiny winy itty bitty little fee the place I am staying at has, we have to get a meal for everyone which is about 10 people.”
“I’m not giving you money.” Vanessa snaps
“and I wasn’t expecting you, V.”
Vanessa rolls her eyes, did he seriously just give her a nickname. Such a copycat?! “So you want us to steal?”
“Stealing us such a negative word, we are going to to just scam people.”
“Have you done this before?”
“Uh -” Dean is about to say a time, but then realizes he didn’t have one. “In my dreams, I did once. It was great. Everyone got out alive.”
“Some dreams you have.” Vanessa whispers under her breath. “So what’s the plan Winter Trash?”
Dean smiled, he actually liked his name abit, but he didn’t want to tell her that, “I was thinking you play dead, and I run in and grab food.”
Vanessa rolls her eyes, “I have a better idea. You are going to take this knife, and get into a brawl.”
“Hold up -” Vanessa puts the knife in his hand
“The owners of the store will run out to stop you, and then I sneak in and -”
“I’m not doing that.” Dean stomps the ground.
“Fine.” Vanessa runs to the store, and starts to slam the door, “PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! THIS GUY IS CHASING AFTER ME -” As she slams the door, Dean had followed her, wanting to hand her knife back, and then sees the store owners, who just happen to have a shot gun. Dean drops the knife, and runs.

The owner lets Vanessa inside for some tea, as the store owner phones the police. . .

how far does she go to get the food? What does she think of Dean now
Does Dean go back for her, or wait for her in the alley where they met? What does he think of her now?



Kat first says nothing, then screams. “HOW DARE YOU, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? WHERE ARE WE, WHY DID YOU DRAG ME ALONGW HYYYYY WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!” She continues to scream, until he covers her mouth
“Do you want the cops to find us?” He yell whispers.
Kat shuts up, and just death glares him.
“Look.” He looks at the sky, as the death glare is super creepy, “Do you want to come in, I live here with a buddy of mine and we have space.” After a pause, “You can even have your own somewhat nice room?”
Kat looks at her feet, she was freezing, and didn’t trust him 100% yet, but she had to take the risk. “Sure.” Kat follows Aden inside, where the large room has makeshift walls made of plastic and plywood. This wasn’t nice at all . . . but at least it wasn’t cold.
He points to a heater, “The city can’t turn off the electricity or gas of this building because it was built before their time.” Then he points to the kitchen, “Make yourself anything you want, and your bed is the one by the window.”
Kat noticed there was 3 more beds, besides the one she was given. “Who else lives her?”
“Kid named David, he’s a tad weird but he’s chill and quiet so you can’t exactly hate him.”
“And the other?”
“Any temp resident.” Aden shrugs

who was their last residence? What does Nova suggest they do now? What are some of Nova’s belongings? What does Aden think of Kat now?
what else did Kat grab from home? What does Kat suggest they do now? What does Kat think of Aden now?

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Aden looks at her, “Is everything okay?”
For Kat, nothing was okay. She didn’t feel safe, while she appreciated the gesture for a place to stay, she didn’t feel that much safer. “Will be.” She sits down her - so - called bed, and it’s rather nice. Probably stolen knowing Aden. She gathers up her courage to ask, “Hey, so how does one get food around here?” It was mean, but she wanted to keep her non perishble food as long as possible, so if he had something she would take it.
Aden had just crawled into bed when she asked, “You are hungry?”
“yes.” Kat replies unsure, Doesn’t everyone get hungry?
“On the streets you only eat once a day, if that. Are you really that hungry?” Aden felt a pressure to at least find her something, sense he tried to steal her purse.
“It’s fine if you have nothing.” Kat turns back to her bed.
“No, it’s not. I’ll go get something, just don’t leave the house k?” Aden crawls out of bed, he was going to go see Coco. She’s the only kid with any bit of money around. She plays music on her guitar, earning bits of cash. It may be just a few bucks a day, but those bucks are like gold to Aden. A single dollar could get Aden a piece of bread.

Kat didn’t ask where he was going, but she realized after he left. She was alone . . . in this building . . .

What does Kat do? Where does she look? Does she check out her ‘roomates’? Explore other floors of the building? @QueenChid


Aden walked around town, till he found Coco. She was just closing up shop, and frowned when she saw Aden. “What do you want?”
“What makes you assume I want something?”
“You, are you. And you only see me when you want something.” Coco clearly didn’t like Aden to much.
“I just need a dollar or two.” After a pause, “Please.”
“Why? Do you really need that pillow like last time?”
Aden bit his lip, a temp resident stole a pillow and he needed a new one. Probably shouldn’t trust Kat with all his stuff at the building. “Uh, no. I want to buy bread for one of the temp residents.”
Coco crosses her arms, she only made 7$ today, and he would need at least 3$, but she was saving up.

@JesusLover2.0, What are Coco’s passions? What final action made Coco run away? What is she saving up for? Does she give Aden Money? Does she ask for a favor in return?


Coco loves music. She finally ran away because her parents didn’t want her to follow her dream and just marry her off. She’s saving up for a manger to start recording music. She doesn’t give him money because she looks out for herself especially when it comes to money. But she offers him a deal and gives him the bread but he’s suppose to help her find more money.


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David walked around the park, he had a good feeling that he was going to find something delicious today . . . even if it was in the trash cans. Before the snow came, it was sunny. A good day for a winter picnic if one wore a jacket. However, someone beat him to it. A girl, rather young looking. Maybe even half her age, was looking through the trash cans. David felt a slight intimation, she was obviously a runaway, and for her to be out on the streets so young, it well, rather frightening.
“Get lost, this is my trash.” Echo snaps at him.
David turns around, she wasn’t worth starting a fight with, and heads to a different trash can.
“Freaking ass loser.” She mumbles under her breath, David could tell she was sightly intoxicated. But that’s no excuse to be rude. David finishes looking through the trash, and walks away.
He finds another trash can, but he hears her coming at him, “Why don’t you get lost huh, I’ve had a really freaking ruff day, and you being here isn’t going to make it better.”
David didn’t quite get what her deal was, “Your name isn’t on the bins.”
“I’ll slam your damn face into the bins.”
David really didn’t want this, why did she have to pick a fight. David looks past her, and tilts his head, then continues to rummage through the trash. She kicks over the can, “Oops.”

@Munchii, What does David think of Echo? What does she do?
@Sahara16, What does Echo think of David? What is she looking for? What final act made her leave home? How long has she been on the street? What did she grab from home, if anything.

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Dean goes back to the alley to wait for her. What the actual fuck was she thinking. She was crazy, annoying and rather the worst person he has ever met, but there was this charm about her. Her idea was reckless, what if the police got involved? She better get some damn food…

Vanessa walks into the store, holy cow that actually worked The owners listen to her tale of how Dean came around a corner and attacked her - she was great ful they were around. “Thank you, so much.” Vanessa made sure to keep eyeing the food, until they would notice.
“We are calling the police.”
“Is that really necessary?” She may have acted… a bit rash.
“Are you even sure, that he is still around? It’s below freezing and it’s dark. How will the police find him.” But it was too late, they were already dialing, “Stop!” Vanessa begs, “Please, that’s not necessary.”
They hang up, unsure what to do, so they exit the round to talk in whisper. Vanessa makes sure to grab a loaf of bread when they leave the room, and tucks it in her jacket.

Vanessa runs, and gets lost. Of course. Where would Dean be? She couldn’t find him anywhere.

@jkdelbian , Does Dean continue to wait for her, or head home or etc.

@Ella , Where does Vanessa go?


Coco smiles, “I can give you the money, if” she pauses, “You get me more.” Coco smirks.
“I don’t have a job Coco.” Aden frowns
“But you have a place, have you ever thought of renting it?”
“That… no.” Aden crosses his arms, “That’s not fair. No one has any money, except you.”
“Then I guess you are going to get no money.”
“Fine.” Aden starts to walk away.
“Or, you can let me stay with you.”
“I thought we were to ‘low quality’ for you Coco.” Aden smirks
“Yes, but free is free.”
Aden didn’t like Coco, plus he wasn’t exactly lying. “There’s no more room.”
“Make room.” She answers quickly.
“Besides, think of the upside.”
“There is no upside.”
“I will get to be there.”
“That’s not an upside.” Aden walks away, should of never gone to Coco, makes sense she would pull a card like this.

@JesusLover2.0 , What does Coco think of Aden? What does Coco do? Where does Coco stay? Does she continue to push the free room?


Kat looks around the building. It had to of been house at some point. The first floor had a falling apart kitchen and access to a garage which Aden said was a room. Then the front entry way which was boarded up. The windows are boarded up as well, Kat assumes it’s to keep people out. Kat and Aden shared the what was once a dining room, somewhat modified to have shelving with boxes and crates. She follows a stairway upstairs to a bathroom and a locked room. What was in there? She was curious, but also didn’t want to intrude.

Kat walks back down stairs, and sits on her bed… it’s there where she sees someone walking around the house.

@QueenChid , What does Kat do?


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David without a second thought pushes her down to the ground, “F*** Off” he scolds in a cold tone. “If you want to be a little bitch, fine but there is enough food for both of us, stop being a F***ing brat.”

Echo at first doesn’t say anything. She stands up, and dusts herself off. Thoughts ran through her head, she was convinced she could take the guy, but the logical side of her kept on reminding her this guy was triple her size, and much older. Plus, he could have a weapon. Echo then, after a clearly long pause she picks up the trash can, and walks away.

David rolled his eyes and decided to go home. There was no point of being here, plus who knows maybe his roomie got food. /// At the house, he sees a silhoutte of someone inside, did his roomie Aden bring someone over? Not tell him? Or a thief? David opens the door and sees a girl, petite small thing.

@Munchii What possessions does David have in his room. What does David think of Echo now? What does David want his first impression to Kat to be?

Echo walked around, she was done searching for food, she wanted to be alone, but of course. She couldn’t.

@Sahara16, where does Echo live? What are some of her belongings, what is her end goal (like get off the street? get a degree? start a fam?)

Kat panicked, she saw person outside, and hid behind her bed. He (or she) clearly saw them, and she didn’t know weather to call out, or just hang out by the bed, and maybe avoid conversation. He opened the door, large muscular build made Kat’s heart race. This guy could easy hold her down - did Aden leave to get this guy?

@QueenChid, What’s Kat’s end goal (like future dreams?) , what does she want to say to David, if anything?


What was his real name again? Vanessa was unsure if she should yell out ‘Winter Trash’ as who knows the freak shows that will come to her. “Uh, Winter Trash where are you?” She yell whispers and starts to walk back the way she came.

Dean hears the faint yell of ‘Winter Trash’ - damn freaking name - and walks toward the call, “Vanessa?” He calls out, Dean sighs of relief when he finds her, almost wrapping his arms around her, but stops half way, and casually plays it off, “So, missed me?”

“Here -” Vanessa pushes the bread into his hands, “Happy?”

“Yeah, now let’s bring it to my peeps.”

“Your . . . peeps . . .they cool? Should I know to avoid any?”

“I guess, but you’ll know right off the bat which ones to avoid.”

“Give me one.”

“Amile, leader of the house. She’s abit… eh, how do I say it? Hot head. Plus she’s been on the street for like seven years, I doubt she ever wants to leave.”

“Okay, so avoid the leader. No problem.” Vanessa shrugs, “Where is this, cult?”

“Cult? Seriously?”

“Well, what else do I call it?”

“Half way house? Anything but that.”

“Quarter way house.” Vanessa teases, “They don’t be mad we stole bread right?”

“As long as they don’t ask.”

Greaaaat Vanessa rolls her eyes, and walks the rest of the way in silence. The two of them knock on the door, and Amile answers. She scans Vanessa, then sees the bread, and lets them in. About a half dozen or so people sit around the fire place and eat bits and pieces of food, the cold and somewhat soggy bread was going to be the luxury item of the night compared to the rest.

It was nice of Dean to allow her to come to the half way house, but Vanessa still had her guard up. These people didn’t seem all to friendly.

@StripieHead , how long has Amile been running the half way house, what final act made he leave her home? What does she think of Dean, what does she think of Vanessa (Dean has been at the house for a few months now, it’s Vanessa’s first time.)

@Ella, What does Vanessa think of Amile, do you want to change the name Trash (lmao)?

@jkdelbian, what does Dean think of Amile, what does Dean think of his other roommates (make up some of them if you’d like)


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