SG’s Character Detail Sheets [CLOSED!] ⛈

read before continuing any further.

hi, the title is pretty self explanatory, but in case you haven’t gotten around to this type of place, i basically take your request if you follow the rules below, & make a sheet with your ink or limelight details! :sneezing_face:

note - if you requested before, make sure to reread EVERYTHING. including examples, rules, the form, & waitlist.

CURRENT STATUS - closed! check the waitlist for more information <3

my instagram is @_kfrzq if you’d like to follow!


  1. artists & editors spend time on making things for people who aren’t themselves, the least you can do it give credit. “how do i credit you?” you may wonder. keep my watermark on the sheet, & if you are posting on instagram (on your story or as a post), tag me. you don’t have to mention me on forums, though.

  2. fill out the form given below COMPLETELY or i won’t even be respectful about it (unless you’re a CLOSE friend) i take this extremely seriously & i need all information or else this is useless.

  3. do not ask about this. i have a personal life & personal issues that will be put before episode requests. simple. i will get your request done within a week, & if i don’t, i will let you know.

  4. you can only request 1 sheet at a time. i’m not going to get overwhelmed with this, i have other problems. after i finish yours, you can check out the current status, & see if you can request again.

  5. no drama or rudeness, or anything flag worthy will be tolerated whatsoever. i will flag you as deserved until you learn your lesson. it’s episode forums, not a war zone.

  6. only 3 requests at a time. check out the title & waitlist before requesting.

  7. say thank you or else i will never let you request again because it’s a waste. it’s basic respect.

i do ink & limelight.

all credits go to @episode_amanda & @lelingey for the ea.

must look at all categories.

character sheet examples

1 - full body

2 - line style

3 - half body

shadow blur amount

filter examples



style (ink or limelight);
gender of character;
name of character;
skin color;
eyebrows (& color if LL);
eyes & color;
hair & color;
face shape;
nose shape;
mouth & color;
preffered outfit style (not specific clothes, but if you’d like or seductive, badass, cute, etc.);
preferred episode pose;
blurred background? yes or no;
do you want shadow blur?;
shadow blur amount depending on the previous question;
style of sheet (1, 2, 3);
if you want a filter & what one;

1 @Weird0
2. @weebmaster
3. @Luna1559

thank you for requesting! <3


style (LL or ink) Ink
name; Avery
gender; Female
skin; Light
eyebrows (& color if LL); Smooth Arch
eyes & color; Upturned Bold Color: Black
hair style & color; Straight Color: Black
face shape; Oval
nose; Elven
mouth & mouth color; Classic Color: Scarlet
background & if you’d like it blurred or not; Something dark
pose you want your character in; Rolling her eyes
outfit STYLE (casual, comfy, pajamas, seductive, etc.); Lol anything you want to put.
font STYLE (messy, cursive, slanted, etc.) Cursive
aesthetic (sad, fun, bright, dark, seductive); Dark
shadow amount (ex. shown below!); Shadow of 100

Thank you in advance!

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I love your works so much that I’m gonna apply for one!
Style: Ink
Name: Sofia
Gender: Female
(Heres an old sheet that i made in like two minutes)
Background: Blurred please
Pose: Arms_crossed_angry
Outfit style: Casual (red)
font style: whatever you think looks best
aesthetic: r e d
shadow amount: 50
Thank you! Take your time!

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@AverysTea — request accepted! i’ll get started right away!

@Belpix — request accepted! i’ll get started as soon as i complete the user mentioned above.

thank you for requesting :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for making! :joy:

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Tysm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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style (LL or ink) LL
name; Leslie
gender; Female
skin; Neutral 05
eyebrows (& color if LL); Arched Thick Styled, Black Dark
eyes & color; Deepest Upturned Wide (Brown Dark)
hair style & color; Layer Wavy Bob (Brown Black)
face shape; Heart Soft
nose; Define Natural
mouth & mouth color; Small Heart (Neutral Medium Nude Gloss)
background & if you’d like it blurred or not;
pose you want your character in; idle_armcrossed_shiftseye
outfit STYLE (casual, comfy, pajamas, seductive, etc.); casual
font STYLE (messy, cursive, slanted, etc.) cursive
aesthetic (sad, fun, bright, dark, seductive); bright
shadow amount (ex. shown below!); shadow of 50

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request accepted! i’ll have yours down after theirs.

thank you for requesting!

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Np and thank you so much! :cat::crown::sparkling_heart:

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can i have one cuz i’m your favourite wholesome meme dealer :))

style (LL or ink) LL
name; Emilie
gender; Female
skin; Copper 02
eyebrows (& color if LL); Round Medium (Dark Brown)
eyes & color; Female Generic (Hazel)
hair style & color; Straight Medium (Dirty Blonde)
face shape; Round Soft
nose; Grecian Soft
mouth & mouth color; Full Heart Pouty (Beige Rose)
background and if you’d like it blurred or not;

pose you want your character in; idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
outfit STYLE (casual, comfy, pajamas, seductive, etc.);

Red Boyfriend Flannel

Rippedleggingssimple Grey Black

Ballet Flats Leather Black

Thick Framed Nerdy Frames Plastic Neutral Black

font STYLE (messy, cursive, slanted, etc.) cursive
aesthetic (sad, fun, bright, dark, seductive); bright
shadow amount (ex. shown below!); shadow of 50

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@AverysTea your request has been completed! LOL it low key looks shitty i’m sorry <3 nobody can use unless the user tagged allows you to.

@daydreamiie request accepted! i’ll get it done soon :yellow_heart:

LMAO i’m tryna be professional but YES OFC I CAN

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Tysm I love it! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Style - LL
Name - Minneha
Gender - Female
Skin - Neutral 04
Brows - Arched Natural, Black Dark
Eyes - Generic, Brown Black
Hair - Wavy Long, Black Dark
Nose - Defined Natural
Mouth - Full Round Pouty, Neutral Medium Nude matte
Face - Soft Heart

Background - Ombré background, preferably red/orange colours

Pose - Yawning

Outfit Style - Badass/cute

Font Style - Cursive

Aesthetic - Seductive

Shadow Amount - 50

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would you like the background to be red, also? & if so, dark red, or a normal red?

request accepted! :honeybee: i’ll have it done soon.


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Hm, not plain red, but a lighter red.

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@Belpix finished! :woozy_face: LOL idk if you’ll like it but i tried <3

I love it, so much better than what I had!

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this is a character detail sheet shop. make a new topic please.

finished momma :v:t3::heartpulse: @keiji

quality went :arrow_down: SORRY LOL

shop is still closed.

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