SG : SIGN UPS : The Runaways


Adopted from MusicalVoyager during Adopt - An - RP - Day

Tired of the homelife, for various reasons you decide to runaway. Will you make it as a runaway? What will happen? Will you end up returning home?

Females 4 / 4 (Quick Sign Up)
Males 3 /4 (Quick Sign Up)

  • Quick Being I want it by the 18th of March

Females 1 / 2 (Slow Sign Up)
Males 0 / 2 (Slow Sign Up)

  • Slow being I want it by the 31st of March


Name :
Age :
Bio :
Personality :
Faceclaim :

How would they reply to . . .

  1. How are you?
  2. You single?
  3. How do you feel about breaking the law?
  4. Shut up you dumb girl / boy.


If you were in the old one, your spot is reserved. Let me know that you are still interested.

@Ella, @QueenChid, @jkdelbian , @Nova, @Munchii

EDIT : @MusicalVoyager, you always have a spot reserved just let me know if you still want it


Still interested!


still interested - can i keep my old character?


Name : Ella Echo
Age : Fourteen
Bio : She’s only fourteen, but she’s been through a lot. She smokes and drinks (occasionally). She’s also bisexual. She called herself Echo after she decided to run away. Why? She used be appreciated, acknowledged, heard. Now she’s slowly fading away… Like an echo.

Personality : She’s smart, cunning and kind. She never fully trusts people. On the outside she’s ignorant and rude, but on the inside, she just wants to be loved. You don’t want to pick a fight with her. Because if you do, you’ll immediately regret it. It’s pretty easy to get what you want when you’re her. Almost everyone’s intimidated by her. No-one accepts her. That’s one of the reasons she ran away. She ran away from her problems. At least that’s what she thought. Where do you run when you’re running from yourself?
How would they reply to . . .
How are you? “Why’d you care?”
You single? If she’s not attracted to them: “Frick off.” If she is attracted to them: “Depends… Who’s asking?”
How do you feel about breaking the law? Done it before, I’d do it again.
Shut up you dumb girl / boy. If there’s people around: (Laughs, then walks closer to them and whispers) “Look, I don’t know who you think you are, but you don’t wanna mess with me. Now frick off.” If there are no people around: (laughs then slams them against a wall.) “Listen here, you better leave before I break your neck.”


Name :Coco
Age :16
Bio :Coc decided to runaway since her parents didn’t understand her dreams and passions. She was so rebellious that she decided to make a life of her own. Also while doing that she changed her name to Coco
Personality :She’s very open with words and won’t be afraid to tell you if your getting on her nerves. She’s also a great musician though.
Faceclaim :

How would they reply to . . .

How are you?-“Oh I’m just great you know just ran away with only the clothes on my back and gutair in the rain.”
You single?-I sure am winkwink
How do you feel about breaking the law?-“sounds fun as long as you join in.”
Shut up you dumb girl / boy- “WHO THE F**** DO YOU THINK YOUR TALKING TO!”


Can I keep my old character?


Name : Amile Blossom
Age : 20
Bio: Her first runway was when she was 13, her parents supported her and overall she had a awesome childhood.
Personality : She is kind, but mess with her and you will be cooked on fire. She is easily angred.
Faceclaim :
How would they reply to . . .
How are you? Good you?
You single? Yes, but not into you.
How do you feel about breaking the law? Not good.
Shut up you dumb girl / boy. No


if i can keep my character, can u please send me her information so i remember it?


I still want!


Still interested!




yep (10)


Okay, I still need your char




Nova is the only orginal person who hasn’t claimed their char, I will give them two weeks before I set them up for adoption, in the mean time I will play as them.

1 female SLOW spot left /// no quick spots


Name : Paris Spring

Age : 16

Bio : As a child, she was abused. Her father was an alcoholic and would take it out on her. Soon, her mother couldn’t take it, and they divorced. When Paris’s mother died, she was forced to move in with her father. Her father made everything miserable and Paris couldn’t take it, so she ran.

Personality : Has high walls. On the outside is a sassy, sarcastic person. But on the inside, she is corrupt but bubbly and caring. She will do anything for her besties. If someone close to her hurts her, she will numb her feelings with dangerous actions.


How would they reply to . . .

How are you?: I am fine.
You single?: Of course handsome/sexy or its none of your business.
How do you feel about breaking the law?: Its what I do.
Shut up you dumb girl / boy.: Oh you shut up!


Hey? Can I still sign up?


nope sorry, I discontinued this. I might start it in the future (or if you want to adopt the idea and create your own SG)