🎨 Shades Art Shop 🎨 (FREE) {Open}

Ok, can I have the details please?

A 70’s style dating game show like this:

And if you have the time , can I have an edit of the craxis castle with the doors open:


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Since I have other requests, then it might take some time for this one. Thanks for understanding! :heart:



  • What are you requesting:
    Password: spirit

Character Details:

  • Pictures of the Characters (Not necessary)
  • Outfits (Full clothing names listed or with a picture)
    Deirdre (the girl’s outfit details)
    Black Ridged Moto Jacket, Key Necklace, Navy Lace Top Dress, Blue Boho Feather Earrings, and Calf Boots Black.
    Daylan’s (the boy’s outfit details:)
    Black Tight Pants, Stitch Boots (Black), and Black Layered Shirts.
  • Background (Picture, Preferred background Color or Transparent background) transparent background since it will end up being an overlay.
  • Similar Pose Picture: So this might be a little complicated, but I would like the pose to be a handstand for both the characters.
  • Preferred Editor/Artist: @v.h_episode
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I’ll let her know. Sorry for the late response! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s alright! I don’t need it anymore, but thanks!!

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No problem!

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Bump! This shop is still open lol.


@Some_kid I’m getting on with your request right now!

actually, I don’t need it anymore . Thanks though.

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Should they face left or right?

Ok, no problem!

apparently the edit I used was disapproved so can I ask for a favor?:

Can I have an edit of this castle with the doors open ?


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Of course! Which artist would you like?

The same as last time.

@TheTalkingLlamma can do it

maybe @Yuke can do it if she’s not available


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